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Jump In and Participate


Jump In and Participate

Good day,

Thank you for joining the ThingWorx Studio Community and welcome.

In addition to Welcome to the new ThingWorx Studio Community this blog will show you how to ask questions and search our knowledge base for answers.

Communities are all about interaction and participation; to ask a question, please utilize the "Action" controls and select "Start a Discussion."


Once you click Start a Discussion, Jive will walk you through the process, but here are some best practices:

In the Subject Line:

  1. Grab attention
  2. Utilize keywords
  3. Keep it clear and concise; think appetizer rather than entree

In the Body:

  1. ​Have a call to action
  2. Be as descriptive as possible (add a screenshot)
  3. Remember: the problem is clear in your mind, please provide details that make it clear to those trying to help you.

In addition to conversations with fellow community members and ThingWorx engineers, you also have access to our knowledge base.  Utilize the buttons within the widget located on the Overview tab of the Group.

Knowledg Base.png

Please contact me with any questions Toby Metcalf



Join an
AR Working Group!

Topics available:
AR/VR for Data Optimization AR/VR for Security and Control AR/VR for Inspection