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Microsoft HoloLens Emulator.


Microsoft HoloLens Emulator.

Microsoft HoloLens Emulator

I am developing an experiment for 3D EyeWear HoloLens.
As we do not have a HoloLens, we developed the experiences and sent them to the PTC team so they could test the experiences and give us feedback.

I would like to know if it is possible to use Microfoft HoloLens Emalador so that I can validate and test my work.

Hi @italoBaciliere ,


the Vuforia Studio preview mode is already a kind of emulation of the project behavior during the development time. So, the preview for a 3D Eyewear project should test the behavior of your project on the HoloLens.  Unfortunately, some time we could have some problems which could not be identified in the  preview mode but they will occur when running on the HoloLens. The best option is of course a test on the real device. But a second test on HoloLens emulator under certain circumstances could be helpful. The requirements are that the Vuforia View is started on it. I did in the past some test on the emulator for HoloLens 1 with Android studio but my experience was that it was not the current build and also I had very bad performance. I did only few tests and I did not try to start Vuforia View on it, so that theoretical should be possible, but another question is this will really work.

Hello @RolandRaytchev,


We were thinking about using the emulator because we went through a hard work to finish.

When we were developing the experience, the "Play" function worked perfectly in the preview, but when we tested on HoloLens the "Play" didn't work. However, as we do not have HoloLens yet I had to perform the experiments relying on preiw. But when we used HoloLens experiments the functions weren't being called. Which made the development very difficult. However, I thank you so much for your response my friend.

Hi @italoBaciliere ,

the last option if you require some tests you can ask me to test it on HoloLens1 device. This is no problem.

Unfortunately, I will have access to my HoloLens device first when I am back in the office on 23th August. Otherwise  - if this is very urgent you can discuss this with Technical Support in reported case (to report case). or maybe somebody of the community could help.

Please, let me know if I could help when I will have again access to  the HoloLens 1 device at 23th August or later.


Oi @RolandRaytchev 


I appreciate your proactivity. Rest assured that when I come across the same problem again I will turn to you.

But we have finished the activities with the HoloLens experiences for now, of course.


Thank you my friend!!

I think ,  the issue that a sequence is working in preview but will not work on the HoloLens is an issue which  should be reported as different problem to the community or to Technical Support.

Here I found a old message from PM (status MAY 2018) about some recommendations. The points there are not anymore up-to-day but still there could be some helpful information:



The current renderer in ThingWorx View for HoloLens does have some known issues.   Here are a few best practices:

    1. Rotating multiple parts around a specified axis may not render correctly.  
  1. Try to only rotate one part at a time rather than multiple parts.
    1. Simultaneously combining multiple Illustrate effects may not display correctly. 
  1. For example.  Using a color change and blink effect simultaneously in the same step can end with the part displaying the wrong color.
  2. Try to keep multiple effects separated out into different sequence steps when possible.
    1. Including multiple sequences in the same View in Studio is not supported.
  1. Only use 1 sequence per View per 3D model.
    1. In Creo Illustrate, under publish settings, make sure you do not have Creo 2D box checked.
  1. If this box is checked when the pvz is published then no sequences will play in ThingWorx View when using that pvz.
  2. Ensure that only Creo 3D box is checked.

If you have Ipad, then test your application with "Share Experience". in my case it works perfectly fine and the result is similar to Hololens except for AirTap I have to touch on my screen.

Hello @Parimal_Sahu!


I had received this guidance before, and we are using it to validate the experience.


However, the play functions were not yet being performed.

But it served quite a bit to get a sense of development.


Thanks for everything!