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System commands on 3D buttons


System commands on 3D buttons

Hello everyone,

For an important Italian customer we are facing this request:
Possibility to recall the vuforia view system commands on Hololens 2 avoiding the voice commands.

This method is useful for taking advantage of vuforia view in noisy environments.


I could only find the navigateToScanMode () command on the network;

$ scope.go = function () {

   $ ();



Is it possible to have a list of all the following?:


There may not be equivalents I would need to explore but I wonder if you have tried  in preview mode using use control shift i (windows) to open the source and then search in your case ,app.fn - see image  there you will see



Interesting but I don't find anything about the other commands ...

We should look for where he receives the "Hey View" command on a vocal level there will certainly be a "speech to text" service, here I should find the commands... Maybe




I can totally relate to that. The voice interaction really can be difficult. It’s not only the waiting time, till vuforia is in listening mode, on top of that it doesn't work good in noisy environment and having an accent doesn't play in well.

This has been an issue for a long time now : Solved: ThingWorx View Voice command list - PTC Community

I think having buttons for navigation is a really essential feature.


yeah, its a known issue - for noisy environments but also secure environments where microphones are not allowed.

There is enhancement work planned to help address this.