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Thingmark perde traccia 2.0


Thingmark perde traccia 2.0

Buongiorno a tutti,

sto costruendo cerca AR con Thingmark per IPAD PRO 2017 da 64 GB da sovrapporre al mio modello reale.

Sto riscontrando alcune difficoltà a mantenere traccia del Thingmark. 

questa macchina ha dimensioni di circa: larghezza 3,5 metri, lunghezza 6 metri, altezza 3 metri.

Cosa posso fare per migliorare questa situazione?

1-Nel contenitore 3D ho attivato il monitoraggio e la mappatura persistente.

2-Il punto di riferimento nello studio Vuforia è delle stesse dimensioni di quello che ho stampato.

(La dimensione del momento Marco che imposto in Vuforia Studio è da lato un lato dell'esagono oppure da punta a punta?)

4- Ci sono altre opzioni che devo impostare?






This is very much and English language board so here is a Google translate of your question to help people out.

Goodmorning everyone,

I'm building AR search with Thingmark for IPAD PRO 2017 from 64 GB to overlay my real model.
I'm having difficulty keeping track of the Thingmark.
this machine has dimensions of approximately: width 3.5 meters, length 6 meters, height 3 meters.
What can I do to improve this situation?
1-In the 3D container I activated monitoring and persistent mapping.
2-The reference point in the Vuforia study is the same size as the one I printed.
(The dimension of the moment Mark that I imposed in Vuforia Studio is from side a side of the hexagon or from point to point?)
4- Are there any other options that I have to set up?

How big is the thingmark? I'm guessing that you will need it to be something like 500mm or more to resolve well. But before you make a giant Thingmark I would try Model Targets. Here are instructions for setting up Model Targets. You can still have the Thingmark on the machine to link to the experience but then you will use Model Targets to lock the AR experience in space.

Hello, thanks for the advice.

I also tried model tracking but when I go around the car, the model is lost.

only in frontal position is completely overlapped.

This can be a problem on some devices. There are noticeable differences in tracking quality depending on the device hardware. New Apple stuff like 2017 iPad and iPhone 6 and newer do a really good job of tracking and will allow me to walk to the back of model tracked objects. However on my personal Motorola Z Play I typically lose tracking when away from the detection position.


View does a really good job of supporting a lot of devices however it in the background it is using one of three different spatial mapping technologies depending on the device hardware. Not all of these are the same quality.

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