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offline capability


offline capability

Is there any idea of when some offline capability will be introduced to ThingWorx View?

Is there any other way to save an experience offline?


Ross Anderson​: I believe we do not have this capability at this point and will check internally with product team to see if it is something on our future road map.


Thank you, I seem to recall it being mentioned on the old forum, and it was mentioned that it was in the backlog, hopefully we get to see it soon, would it be possible to get a time-frame if this is this on the road-map?

It would be hugely beneficial due to poor signal in many areas where this technology would be useful.


We would be very interested in this capability as we have found in the past that WiFi in conferences can sometimes be flaky and we cannot run our demos reliably. To be able to cache the models and work without the need for a reliable WiFi connection would be a huge benefit.

Any update on this?

Ross AndersonGary Mansell​ AFAIK, the backlog item might be related to ThingWorx Experience Service being OnPremise, which is almost ready and will soon be out for release. I'm sure this would reduce wifi connectivity issues to a maximum extent.

WRT offline view, as Durgesh pointed - it is not supported at this point. I do acknowledge the slow loading problem of huge 3D models, but this can be fixed by using 'CAD optimizer' and using optimized file (i.e., low size model).

Let me know your thoughts,


Thank you giri​, generally the loading times are suitable when we use the CAD optimizer. But for demo situations where we have no WiFi or 3G some offline capability would be really useful. Is it something that is being worked on?



Ross Anderson​ I seriously doubt ThingWorx View is not for an absolute offline capability. I'll take this up to R&D as a feature request.

Gary Mansell​ I didn't mean the hosting ES on private network would deliver offline capability. I was referring it as 'OnPremise ES' was in our backlog. And AFAIK, a 'pure offline' ThingWorx view isn't an expectation. I agree on your thoughts, that a cached models would be good. In fact, the model will be cached by ThingWorx View app based on the cache size limit allocated for the app.

From what I notice, Many Trial customers were facing connectivity issues due to network latency issues and to better address the issue we came up with OnPremise solution - as the device (tablet/Eyewear) and the Experience Service will be on same network, connectivity and loading will be fast. 


I see that offline capability has been added to version 8.2.1. But I do not understand how to use it.


This is a feature that we are very happy to see be implemented!

You can now select the 'Allow download for offline viewing' option for an experience in the Info tab. This enables users to download the experience to their device and view later. 




To download from ThingWorx View select, share then download

Click the share optionClick the share optionClick downloadClick download



Heres steps on how to download from ThingWorx View


Giri - so you are saying that the offline capability would require hosting your own experience server on a private network, is that correct?

Seems a shame when if you could cache the models after downloading them at base on WiFi, you could probably run the rest of the communication to/from the ThingWorx experience server on the Internet over say a 3G mobile connection (or a poor performing wifi).

Seems a shame to keep having to download the models each time when they could be cached...