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publishing image (jpg, png, etc) into AR experience


publishing image (jpg, png, etc) into AR experience

Trying to see if AR will suit a particular use case, which has an image inserted into the model (View-->Model Display-->Images).  When I publish the model from Creo and subsequently view the experience in Vuforia View, the model displays, but not the inserted image.  Is this simply not supported, or is there a clever solution I'm missing?


Accepted Solutions

got the solution to it


"adapter/useTexture=1" added to "export_pvs.rcp

View solution in original post




I am not sure to understand everything correctly.


What is the Creo product used ?

Is it Creo View, Creo Illustrate or Creo Parametric ?


It seems to be in Creo Parametric by the menu used.

In a such case, it is not related to Vuforia Studio product.

This part of the forum is specific to the product Vuforia Studio.


To help about the issue described.


When exporting in pvz file format.

It is mandatory when exporting in AR for an use in Vuforia Studio and if I remember well, it is the same process when publishing an AR experience directly in Creo Parametric.


I made a quick test in Creo Parametric and Creo View 5.1 F000:

  1. Create a Part
  2. Use the menu View > Model Display > Images
  3. Click the Import button
  4. Select a Surface on the 3D Part
  5. In the Open dialogbox, select an image
  6. Click the Open button
  7. In Creo Parametric, the decal is visible
  8. In the Ribbon, click the Ok button 
  9. In the File > Save As > Save a Copy menu, export in pvz file format
  10. In Creo View 5.1, open this pvz file
  11. No decal is visible

It seems a normal behavior today.

Creo View Adapters is used in Creo Parametric to export in pvz file format.

Creo View Adapters has limitations to exports textures and images.

More details in this article :


I have checked with a colleague at PTC Technical Support who knows Creo View and Creo View Adapters.

He confirms this limiation and no setting in recipe file (used to modify exporting in pvz file in Creo View Adapters) can change that.


From my point of view, 2 solutions are possible :

  1. In Creo Parametric, use an Appareance instead but it has some limations when exporting in pvz file. Specially with the decals. Please see the article provided previsouly.
  2. Use Vuforia Studio.   

              A) In Creo Parametric, export in pvz file

              B) In Vuforia Studio, In a Project :

                      a) Import this pvz file 

                      b) Display it as a 3D Model

                      c) Import image needed

                      d) Add a 3D Image widget

                      e) In Properties of this widget, in Resource field, select image imported a step c)

                       f) In 3D Canvas,  move and rotate 3D image as expected

                       g) In Properties of this widget, modify Billboard, Occluding, Always on top and Opacity fields as expected. By the way, we have more possibilities than in Creo Parametric

                        h) Publish Experience

                        i) Check in Vuforia View


To be honest, the second solution is the best from a technical point of view.

It will work like a charm.

The first one, is more limited and difficult to use due to limitation when exporting Appareances in pvz file format.


Does this investigation help you ?


Best regards,


Hi @sgivens,


I do not think that this could work. The functionality what you mention could be used for setting an image for some temporal work in Creo Parameric but not exporting to AR - because the image has in fact  a 3d plane location but is not really related to 3d solid geometry.


As we can see the image does not follow the geometry  (also in Creo Parametric)/ here the holes in the surface

Therefore I could recommend  to use  the appearance manager to define new appearance with texture or Decal image




So first we have to define the Appearance and then we need to set it to a solid surface.

Afterword’s we have to re-edit the position of it. Means after the color was first assigneed!

See the button for selection of surface where we have to reedit the appearance

Then importing the model to Studio:



We can see in designer model that the texture is displayed properly

So the change in the appearance editor for example in the picuture bellow are then correctly displayed in Studio.


Also, in preview mode we can see it. I tested on IOS iPad and there is the display also ok for both /texture and decal




I see that during writing of my post here - there was an second post /answer.

Therefore, I want to give more details

I tested with Creo Parametric 5.0 and Studio (Version 8.3.7 (

It seems that the bug mention in the another post is fixed so that there is no restriction anymore.

I verified that it works on the IOS -and I think it will be no problem also on Android mobile devices.

What I believe that could be problem is the HoloLens and this should be tested explicitly

Screenshot_20190130-105041_Vuforia View.jpg

The snapshot above is created on Android mobile device as mention above.

Tested now on adroid device (Samsung Galaxy S9+)the texture is working fine

To the another point - receipy file - setting for Product View for the export

Yes this of course should be done as mention in the article in the Post from @sdidier 

So in my Creo 5 installation I already did change the 

<Creo Parametric 5.0 Installation Directory>\Common Files\text\prodview\export_pvs.rcp


I think thies step (setting the options in red) is required.

Another Point this will work for the direct export from Creo. If you open in Creo View  or in Illustrate and then save it again to pvz - may be in this case the texture could be removed. I could remember that this was an issue in the past

Hi @RolandRaytchev ,


Thank you for the sharing.

I tried to recreate the process, but it's not working.


As you mentioned "Use  the appearance manager to define new appearance with texture or Decal image"

For experiment, I used official image "Mahogany-color.jpg" to create 2 appearances.

One use the image in Texture with Properties Color Green, the other use the image in Decal with Properties Color Orange.


Results are


In Creo Parametric:

It all works fine.

appearance in CP.png


In Vuforia Studio:

Both appearances failed. Only the color setting in Properties in shown.
appearance in VS.png


In Creo View:

Same situation as Vuforia Studio

appearance in CV.png


Would you please give me some advice?

Thanks in advance. 🙂

got the solution to it


"adapter/useTexture=1" added to "export_pvs.rcp


Thank you all for the responses.  I'm publishing from Creo as a means of a quick proof-of-concept without going through the effort of setting up Studio, but knew I would probably not have got the same responses there vs this Studio forum.  I didn't want to waste any more time trying it from Creo, so thanks for answering that part of it.  That being said, I think I'll have access to a Studio setup from another colleague, so I will try the suggestions there.  Thanks again!


I tried with determination to get this to work from Creo (without Studio), and never succeeded.  I was informed of SPR6983140 that acknowledges this as a bug, and it appears will be resolved in Creo 4.0 M090 (I was using M070).


Thanks again for the rapid and detailed responses.