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Getting to Know PTC Community Ideas

Community Manager

Getting to Know PTC Community Ideas

What are PTC Community Ideas?

PTC Community Ideas are specific boards where community members are able to provide feedback and product enhancement ideas directly to PTC Product Management. These ideas are shared and community members may vote on the product ideas they find valuable. The ideas are evaluated by the product management teams and some may be selected for addition to the Product Roadmap. More on the role of the product managers and roadmaps at PTC.    


PTC Community Ideas are available for viewing and submission for all community members who have an active subscription (or maintenance agreement) with PTC Support. These are  community members whose  community profile  is linked to their PTC customer account.  Generally, it is typically via a company email address.


Below is a list of the PTC Community Idea boards available on the PTC Community:


Be sure to check out the idea board that interests you!


Post a new idea

After searching for an existing idea title and finding no idea that matches your request, you need to complete the questions in the idea submission form (if applicable) to help you detail your request. 


We are asking you to thoroughly and carefully answer all of these questions for your idea to move onto the community idea voting and product management review phase. The questions are intended to document the details as well as the context of your idea. We know it is a demanding process to ask you to carefully build the best case possible for your idea. You have to convince your fellow community members to support your idea and the product managers to consider it.


Incomplete ideas may require further clarification or be archived by the Community Team. 




What is the meaning behind a PTC Product Idea Status?

Idea Status is how an idea submitted on the PTC Community Idea board fits on our PTC Product Roadmap.


Below is a list of status definitions you will find for PTC Community Ideas:


  • New Idea:  This idea is waiting for votes and community feedback.
  • Acknowledged:  PTC has received your idea.
  • Under Consideration:  This idea is still waiting for more votes, but this idea is under review by our Product Management team.
  • Implementation In Progress: This idea has made it on the product roadmap and will be in a future release.
  • Delivered: This idea is now implemented in our latest release of the product.
  • No Plans to Implement:  This enhancement request does not meet the product roadmap strategy. 
  • Archived:  This idea either did not get the necessary support of other community members in the idea submission time frame (varies by segment), or was a “legacy idea” that was not included in the new 2019 Community Ideas Program.  Re-submission of ideas (by creating a new idea with additional details not previously shared) is an option for relevant product enhancement requests.
  • Alternate Solution:  There is a “Work Around” in place for this request.  Please contact your Account Manager for details.
  • Current Functionality:  This functionality is already in the product when the idea is published.
  • Duplicate:  This idea has already been submitted.
  • Clarification Needed:  The Product Management Team needs more information from you.

Archiving ideas

Users have submitted thousands of ideas on the PTC Community over the years. To limit the accumulation of ideas over time, the PTC Community implements an archiving policy based on age and number of votes. The criteria for archiving are detailed on this post.  An archived idea is not deleted and remains visible. But users can no longer vote on it or comment. It is also out of consideration from product management.


We are continually refining the community process. As always, feel free to share your thoughts on the Community Feedback board. 


Updated on March 26, 2022

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