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Welcome Codebeamer Customers!

Community Manager

Welcome Codebeamer Customers!

We are so happy to welcome Codebeamer customers to the PTC Community!


Codebeamer is a new product to PTC so your account information may not yet be tied to our eSupport system. (Note:  If you have PTC customer credentials from other  PTC support communities  (i.e. Windchill SSE -Windchill Modeler, or Windchill RV&S-, Integrity, Creo, ThingWorx..etc) you may still be active in our database.  Try logging in with your email and see what happens!)


We do not yet have an online support community to ask product questions, but we do have a User Group and an Idea Exchange.


If you do have specific support questions that are out of scope for the User Group, please contact Codebeamer Support. Customers can submit questions here and support will answer them.

You can also contact Codebeamer by emailing, or via phone:

  • US phone number: 866-468 5210
  • EU phone number (+49) 711-2195-420


To be part of the User Group you must first  register for the PTC Community.  You may register as a Partner, as an Education PTC  account holder,  a  Basic User, or  as a New Customer with your PTC Customer Credentials  (Customer #,SCN (Service Contract Number), SON (Sales Order Number) and Customer Site Number.  The eSupport Knowledge article CS287536 provides information on how to find your customer credentials.


Most users don't have access to their SCN, SON, or site number without consulting their system administrator. 


Note:  PTC Employees always login with their SSO credentials username and single sign on password set by PTC. (i.e. jsmith without our domain -@ptc).


For the purpose of this FAQ, we will focus on the Basic User registration.


How to Register on the Community as a Basic User


1. Go to the Create New PTC eSupport Account page

2.  Choose the "Basic" Tab and complete all the required information.





Once your eSupport registration is complete, you need to access  and accept the PTC Community Terms of Service.





Note:  A verification email will also show up in your email account that you used to register.


The final step is selecting a more community friendly username.


Once you have a community username that can access and engage in the "overall" community, you can also request to join the "closed" Codebeamer User Group.  This is typically for highly engaged customers of a company that is under NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with PTC.  Members of our user groups have a strong desire to interact more personally with other PTC customers.  The "Group Owner (or admin)" of the User Group reviews membership requests and provides access if appropriate criteria is met. 


Reach out to a moderator or any Community Manager if you have questions about registration!


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