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Export Classification Attributes for Part in ESIResponse


Export Classification Attributes for Part in ESIResponse


I need to export Classification attributes for Part in ESIResponse file. I want to do it a specific XML structure like:

<ClassificationAttributeMapping attribute="width" value="20" units="mm"></ClassificationAttributeMapping>
<ClassificationAttributeMapping attribute="height" value="40" units="mm"></ClassificationAttributeMapping>


How can I achieve this? Should I be adding more schema in ESIResponseMetaInformation.xsd and also in ESIResponseMetaInfo.xml? 


I tried to do following wherein:

- Added more schema to - ESIResponseMetaInformation.xsd

- Defined elements in - ESIResponseMetaInfo.xml

- In adjustPartElement hook when I get hold of Element for Part, I get the IeNode from it and query for childNodes but don't get anything. I expected to get <ClassificationAttributes>. If I could get that then I can wrap it an Element and add Att to it for 

- <ClassificationAttributeMapping attribute="width" value="20" units="mm"></ClassificationAttributeMapping>

- <ClassificationAttributeMapping attribute="height" value="40" units="mm"></ClassificationAttributeMapping> 


Please suggest if this would be the right way to move forward or not

22-Sapphire II

I just did this recently for View and DefaultTraceCode but those core attributes. Yes, both would need to be updated. I am not sure your call out is correct. I think the classification attributes are really IBA attributes at the heart of it so you will need to get the right name to call out those attributes. I am also not sure that logic for writing out the response will know what to do with them. You might need customization to get the values if it does not work. I will dig up the changes I made to get the attributes I added. It at least answers your first part of your question.



Thanks for your response. I am already able to fetch the classification attributes for the Part and put them in the Response XML. But they come as <attributemapping> like below.








But the format I want to achieve is like below:









I made schema changes in ESIResponseMetaInformation.xsd and ESIResponseMetaInfo.xml to support this structure.


I am trying to write code like below in adjustPartElement hook


com.infoengine.object.IeNode partNode = element.getNode();


com.infoengine.object.IeNode classAttributeNode = new com.infoengine.object.IeNode("classificationAttributes");


Element classAttributeElement = new Element(classAttributeNode);


Att newAtt = new Att(attrName, attrValue);

classAttributeElement.addAtt(newAtt );


But this is not yielding right results.


Let me know if you have any ideas.



I'm also trying to get classification attributes out to ESI.  I'm stuck at getting even you're first response format.  I can get it to send the binding node, but not a test attribute value.  The first test attribute I picked has units, but I can't believe that's the issue.  Could you possibly share that portion of your response meta-data definition file?  I've have mapped as below at the moment:

. <esi:attributeMapping sourceAttribute="Classification">Classification</esi:attributeMapping>

. <esi:attributeMapping sourceAttribute="xjf063">Thickness</esi:attributeMapping>


But all I'm getting is:

 .    <Classification>FASTENER-WASHER-PLAIN.1632768989843</Classification>

 .   <Thickness></Thickness>


Happy to discuss progress if you want to.





We have done a customization so that we can send the classification to SAP


The response file will look like as follows

<Classification>29256198~UNSPSC~3116231320~CLASS_NODE~PARTS KIT~</Classification>






That looks promising!  Can you please share your configuration steps?  Did you have to modify the renderers?

Hi Casey,

Yes, You have to modify the renderer for it. Also if you are using real number with unit, you need to take care of that also

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