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ALM CheckList


ALM CheckList

There is an ALM checklist, that's created and tasks are using this checklist.

 Would an update to this ALM checklist to new parameters effect the tasks that were started or closed.


Hello Ram,

I am sorry, but the use case you are describing is not clear to me.

Would you mind telling us a litte bit more what you are trying to achive with Checklists, Tasks, Parameters?

How does your setup look exactly?


there is an ALM checklist, that is been used by the ALM tasks.

I want to modify the checklist with new check items.


Will updating the existing checklist to new check items effect the ALM tasks that are already using them.

The reason for not creating a new checklist item is to use a single checklist across the project.

One more Question: Is your checklist an Integrity Document (I would suggest!)?

If yes, you can create a branch when updating or adding check points to prevent from affecting existing checklists/ALM tasks.

But, do you want this update or you don't?

Hi Volker,

I guess the checklist is an Item not a document. if that item has passed certain stages in workflow there will be constrained which will not allow either to remove or add any related item. this is my wild guess.



Hi @sridharanc,


It looks like you are new to this tool. And Checklist is an Document in system as @VolkerEckardt also explained to you and if after certain stages you got some constraint in editability or removing details it leads to configuration and you need to check multiple things related with Constraints, Editability and Overrides etc. As i understand it looks difficult for new one to understand quickly. So can you please add some screenshot or some documents that may help us to take a look over your problem.

Looking forward to hear from you.



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