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Always Null response


Always Null response

Hi all,

I try to use mks api but without success and don't know why (but i'm a rookie )

I use Visual studio express 2012 and the C api for integrity 10.4 API Version: 4.12.4301.

My problem is i always get NULL response, i try with different command but it's always the same.

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "mksapi.h"

mksIntegrationPoint ip = NULL;
mksSession session = NULL;
mksCmdRunner cr = NULL;
mksrtn rtn = MKS_SUCCESS;

mksCommand MyCmd;
mksResponse MyResponse;
mksResult MyResult;
mksItem MyItem;

mksField field = NULL;
mksWorkItem wi = NULL;
wchar_t summary[1024];
wchar_t userlogin[1024];
wchar_t newId[256];

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])

  rtn = mksAPIInitialize(NULL);
  rtn = mksCreateIntegrationPoint(&ip, "myserver",7001,0);
  rtn = mksGetCommonSession(&session, ip);
  rtn = mksCreateCmdRunner(&cr, session);
  /* Setup defaults for the mksCmdRunner.*/
  rtn = mksCmdRunnerSetDefaultHostname(cr, "myserver");
  rtn = mksCmdRunnerSetDefaultPort(cr, 7001);
  rtn = mksCmdRunnerSetDefaultUsername(cr, "IntegrationUser");
  rtn = mksCmdRunnerSetDefaultPassword(cr, "secret");

  MyCmd->appName = _T("im");
  MyCmd->cmdName = _T("about");

  MyResponse = mksCmdRunnerExecCmd(cr,MyCmd,NO_INTERIM );
  MyResult = mksResponseGetResult(MyResponse);
  MyItem = mksResultGetPrimaryValue(MyResult);
  rtn = mksItemGetId(MyItem, newId, sizeof(newId));
  rtn = mksGetError();

  return 0;

What am i doing wrong ?


ok, i found it !

I have replaced

mksCreateIntegrationPoint(&ip, "myserver",7001,0); by  mksCreateLocalAPIConnector(&ip,4,12,1);

And now it works fine !

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