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MKS source integrity standard editionproject checkpoint error


MKS source integrity standard editionproject checkpoint error

We have been using MKS source integrity standard edition (old version) since 2006 on Win XP. When we are trying to check point the project with a non-admin account it gives an access deny error the name of project file (at archive location). Note that all the files are in alocal drive and belong and accessible by the user. The error goes away if the user account is set to be administrator.

Any hint and idea about the sourceand how to deal with that is greatly appreciated.




This error usually happens when the user running Source Integrity Standard (SIS) doesn't have write access to the project working file, which is the *.pj file in the project directory, or the project archive, which is often in the rcs subdirectory.

If you aren't having any problems with checking in and out members, then the problem is likely with the project archive. Can you check that the non-admin user can create a new file in the archive directory? There will be a read-only flag on the archive file, but the user should have all other rights to the archive directory and files.

If the user can create a new project and checkpoint that project, then you could compare the file and folder permissions on the new and old projects.

Hi Ann,

Thanks a lot for the reply.

I checked the file permission and directory access and it does not seem to be problem. In fact, there are no 2 users, there is one user with and without admin privilege. To be sure, I asked a user, who does not have admin privilege, to create a project (and sanbox), he can do all MKS operations (ci, co, add member, ….). However, when he attempts to do a checkpoint it fails. If the same user is added to the admin group on that PC, now he can do the checkpoint successfully.

I also trired to use to run pj command from command line hich shows the same result. Note that the project and sandbox has been created by the same user who issue the command.

C:\Data\mks_test>pj what -k1.1 -i -q -P test.pj -T changed,newer,exist
pj: C:/Data/mks_test/test.pj: opening project: Cannot open sandbox. The master project file is inaccessible.
Access is denied.

C:\Data\mks_test>pj checkpoint -P test.pj
pj: C:/Data/REFS_GUI/GUI_exec.pj: cannot checkpoint: Cannot open working file
Access is denied.

C:\Data\mks_test>pj print -P test.pj
C:/Data/mks_test/ni_usb_6525_server.exe 1.2 archived
C:/Data/mks_test/process_iface_map.xml 1.4 archived
C:/Data/mks_test/refs_gui.exe 1.58 archived
C:/Data/mks_test/refs_gui_setup1.xml 1.11 archived
C:/Data/mks_test/refs_repair_msg.xml 1.1 archived
C:/Data/mks_test/start_refs_gui.bat 1.3 archived

Thanks again for your help


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