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80 character limit.


80 character limit.

We are trying to "push" thru a description parameterfrom Pro-Engineer to PDMLink to Oracle. Pro-E parameters are limited to 80 characters. Has anyone had this issue if so how it is being addressed?


80 character limit.


You have to be a little more specific. Are you getting an error and if so,
what is the error saying?

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80 character limit.

No error. We want to auto associate a Pro-E model to a wt part. Use the
Pro-E parameter "description" to carry thru to Oracle for our purchasing
people to see for ordering. This is possible now but Pro--E is limiting us
to 80 characters, I am looking for a method to increase that 80 character

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RE: 80 character limit.

Hello Mark,

I think it is the limit on Description field on Windchill side. To confirm the limit on characters, try creating a WTPart with more than 80 characters in description field.

I think you can increase the limit of characters, but that change would be global for all WTParts created across site. I can find the steps to follow, let me know if you need to implement it.


Mahesh KL


80 character limit.

I am surprised nobody has mentioned these 2 articles yet, and this posting yet. They describe what the limits are, and how to change them. FYI…you need Information Modeler installed, to the best of my knowledge. It is an extra cost.

What is the maximum Character size limit for Name and Number field for WTPart, WTDocument, EPMDocument in Windchill PDMLink?


80 character limit.

If you use SAP, you might find descriptions limited further to 40 characters. It makes no sense why EPMDocuments and WTParts are different because having a long name for a EPMDocument will cause the WTPart to fail to autocreate. We ended up limiting descriptions via data validation code to 40 characters without information modeling or DB changes.

80 character limit.

This adjusts the Windchill side but our problem is not in Windchill its
Pro-E that has the 80 character limit. Any ideas?

Mark J. Pollagi
Elliott Group
IT Specialist CAD Administrator
901 N. 4th Street
Jeannette, Pa. 15644
Mail Drop CB - 106
724-600-8830 - Office
724-757-8867 - Cell


80 character limit.

Hey Antonio,

We have a similar situation with our ERP system. It has a 30 character limit on description. Could you go into a little more detail on your solution with the data validation code?

CAD / PLM Systems Manager
TriMark Corporation


80 character limit.

I don’t understand this Info modeler requirement as I’ve changed the the number of characters in my system for WTDocument and I don’t have it, maybe this requirement refers for PDMLink types such EPM and WTPart…

See the modules I have installed:

See the procedure I’ve used as reference:

Customizing Column Lengths

A column length for a modeled attribute can be customized. These column lengths

are obtained through the wt.introspection package. The value of this

property can be overridden by placing entries in the customizations property file

for modeled packages.

To change the column length for a modeled attribute, perform the following steps:

1. Determine which customization property entry must be added.

2. Add the customization entry to the appropriate customizations property file.

3. Generate the class info objects and SQL scripts.

4. Verify the customization.

5. Create the database tables.

6. Restart the method servers if they were running during the procedure.

The following example sets the column length for the name attribute of the wt.

doc.WTDocumentMaster class to 350. The following steps describe how to

determine which customizations property file entry will contain the new column

length, and how to set the value. The customization will be made in a location

parallel with the originally modeled attribute.

The default location for these customizations is $(wt.home)\wtCustom, as

defined by the wt.generation.custom.dir entry in the tools properties.

Create this directory if it does not already exist.


See the descriptions for the and files in

Property Files on page 35 .

1. Determine which customization property entry must be added:

a. Obtain an info report for the class by executing the following command:

infoReport wt.doc.WTDocumentMaster

b. Inspect the value of the WTIntrospector.UPPER_LIMIT property (the value being customized) of the number PropertyDescriptor:

getValue( WTIntrospector.UPPER_LIMIT ) : 60

c. Inspect the value of the WTIntrospector.DEFINED_AS property of

the number PropertyDescriptor:

getValue( WTIntrospector.DEFINED_AS ) :


Customizing Modeled Elements 1691

d. Based on this information, use the following values:

• The customization property file is <windchill>\wtCustom\wt\


• The customization property entry is


2. Add the customization property entry to the appropriate customizations property file. In this example, add the following entry to <windchill>\wtCustom\wt\doc\ (create this file if it does not exist):


# ignore multi-byte database character sets when setting value

3. Generate the class info objects and the SQL scripts. Update the serialized info object and the SQL script for the customized class by entering the following command (on one line):

ant -f <windchill>\bin\tools.xml custom_column -Dgen.input=wt.doc

4. Verify the customization:

a. Obtain an info report for the class and inspect the UPPER_LIMIT value asdescribed in the preceding steps. The value should reflect the customization.

b. If the info report value is unchanged, verify that the generate step actually

updated the following serialized info file:


5. Create the database tables, if they don’t already exist, by executing the relevant SQL scripts generated above. If the tables already exist, adjust the length of the customized column by taking the following steps:

a. Execute the Windchill Upgrade Manager to run the Compare Schema step


Start the Windchill Upgrade Manager within a Windchill shell as follows:

• Windows : UpgradeManager

• UNIX :

• Linux :

To perform only the Compare Database Schema step, the following commands can be appended to the upgrade manager command for the following purposes: -compareschema|-cs

1692 PTC Windchill ® Customization Guide

For further information about the Windchill Upgrade Manager command options and upgrading data base schema see the following topics in the PTC Windchill Upgrade Guide :

• “Additional Upgrade Manager Commands”

• “Upgrade Database Schema”

b. Inspect the generated output to find the SQL script(s) related to this customization.


Review the output carefully to ensure the results are what you expect.

You should never execute any SQL that you do not understand, or that does not seem related to your intended customizations

c. Execute the relevant SQL scripts.

In this example, is also the source for the derived attribute This derived attribute,, gets its UpperLimit from the source attribute,

A derived attribute cannot set the UpperLimit property in the annotation.

Therefore, the derived attribute cannot be customized in this manner.

Update the value in database:

alter table wtdocumentmaster modify (WTDOCUMENTNUMBER varchar2(64));

SQL> alter table wtdocumentmaster modify (WTDOCUMENTNUMBER varchar2(64));

SQL> commit;


80 character limit.

I was able to get to Step 3. But when I tried the ant command on our Unix system, I got an error message. When I opened a ticket with PTC tech support, they told me I couldn’t execute the command with the custom_column switch because I didn’t have Information Modeler installed. This was back in 9.1.

ant -f <windchill>\bin\tools.xml custom_column -Dgen.input=wt.doc

This warrants a 2nd look now that we’ve upgraded from 9.1 to 10.2, and you’ve reported that it works. I will give it a shot! I would like to increase the character limit in Windchill for WTParts for the Name attribute…in order to match the character limit of our ERP system. 120 characters, I think.

Thank you for your message, Guilherme.