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About Desktop Integration

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About Desktop Integration


Here some note's about Desktop Integration.  My input is based on Windchill 9.1 and MS Office 2003.  Feel free to add additional tips, based on others versions, and to change this introduction when appropriate.


Desktop integration has two main goals :

- enabling access of documents from inside the MS Office application

- synchronization of document properties with Windchill attributes.

Installation and Setup

Install Desktop Integration

This has to be done on every client.

Go to Home>Utilities>Software Downloads>Accept>Windchill DTI 2.0 Installation and follow the instructions.

Tune Windchill Preferences

Go to Home>Utilities>Preference Manager>Attachments>File Download Mechanism "Use windchill Desktop Integration ..."


An administrator may set this on organisation or site level.

Mapping Windchill attributes to Office properties

Attribute to property synchronization

There are two scenario's to have the Windchill document attributes synchronized with the office document : or via Download from Windchill, or via the DTI in Word.  Both require Desktop Installation to be installed on the client.

MS Word

In MS Word, go to File>Properties.  In case your document is downloaded from Windchill with property synchronisation, you will find the mapped properties, or in the Summary tab, or (mostly) in the Custom tab.

To add the property to your document, go to Insert>Field>Field Name "DocProperty">Property "wtname" ...  Soft attributes are preceded by IBA|

Windchill attributeMs Word property
TitleTitle (see Summary tab)
DescriptionComments (see Summary tab)
Primary Content URLURL
NumberDocument number
Version InfoversionInfo
Life Cycle StatelifeCycleState
Object Referenceobid
Context Last Modified Timestamp
Created By
Context Creator

<<I didn't check yet whether this mapping is specific for Word or not>>


Fields in the header and footer are not updated automatically with the custom properties.

MS Excel

It's a little more complicated to get Windchill attributes into Excel.


  • rename the cell name (to create the link)
  • go to File>Properties>Custom tab
  • select the property
  • tick "link to content"
  • select the field name specified earlier
  • finalize with Modify

MS Powerpoint

<<Can someone add a similar procedure to bring document properties onto a slide?  The property synchronization is OK, but I can't find a way to make these custom properties usefull>>

MS Outlook

<to be completed>

Additional attribute mapping

OOTB, not all attributes are mapped to document properties.  But you can map additional attributes :

  • on your Windchill server, go to \Windchill\codebase\com\ptc\windchill\enterprise\nativeapp\msoi\server\
  • backup msoimap.xml
  • add a little xml code :


   <type key="wt.doc.WTDocument"> (exists already)

         <ms_name>Created by</ms_name>
  • stop and start the Method Server
  • redownload your document, and check whether property "Created By" is added.

Other examples :



         <ms_name>Last Modified Date</ms_name>







         <ms_name>Last Modified By</ms_name>






DTI Usage

<to be completed>


Re: About Desktop Integration

Would you happen to have any insight to mapping MS Office 2007 with Windchill 9.1 M062 or M070?

Re: About Desktop Integration

In the meantime, we are on Ms Office 2010 with Windchill 9.1 M060.  We run both 32bit and 64bit machine.  A patch resolved a problem with the 64bit installations.