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Announcement: General Availability of PTC System Monitor 1.0


Announcement: General Availability of PTC System Monitor 1.0


The PTC System Monitor 1.0 is now available to all Windchill 9.1 and 10.0 PDMLink and ProjectLink customers via the electronic software download system.

For those of you unfamiliar with the PTC System Monitor (PSM) it is a new component in the PTC Product Development System (PDS) and is based on the dynaTrace offering from Compuware Corporation. PTC has licensed this technology for use by our customers through an OEM agreement. We’ve packaged the solution under the PTC brand and included installers, documentation and a set of configurations to monitor Windchill PDMLink and ProjectLink 9.1.M060 and 10.0.F000.

The goal of the PSM is to provide administrators with tools to proactively monitor the operational health of their enterprise PLM systems. Once installed and running the PSM is always-on, collecting transaction-level information on each client request and providing you with early-warnings of problems.

Key Features

  • Glance at a single overall system health dashboard
  • Get intelligent notifications about when thresholds are breached
  • Find and inspect individual user transactions for the root cause
  • Avoid the need to gather or interpret log file information

See the PTC System Monitor Introductory Video hosted by Steve Dertien.

Get Trained

We have a new instructor led training course “Monitoring Windchill Performance using the PTC System Monitor” that will be offered on a continuing basis in the coming months. The part number TRN-3171-T and there are seats available for next course Tuesday February 21st, course ID: 00136747, for those who can sign up in the coming days. Submit a registration request now! A sales rep will follow up with additional information.

Get the Software

Go to Order or Download Software Updates page within the Technical Support section of downloading the latest version of PSM 1.0 (datecode M040) today!



It seems the PSM 1.0 is not on the download site. I could just be looking in the wrong place. Could you please verify the location of the download?


Buddy Hudson


The PSM is organized as a component under Windchill PDMLink or Windchill ProjectLink. It is not listed as a separate component.

Instructions to access the software

First read the PTC System Monitor Known Issues document. Then download the PTC System Monitor ZIP file using the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the PTC “Download Software Updates” page.
  2. Click the “Order or Download Software Updates” link.
  4. Expand and navigate through the Product Release Tree (image below) by:
    1. Selecting: The Release 10.0 or 9.1 branch of the Product Release Tree
    2. Selecting: The PTC System Monitor 1.0 node.
    3. Electing to download the Most Recent Datecode of the software.
  5. After downloading the ZIP file, unzip it and read the readme.txt file that is located at the top level of the unzipped file structure.

Use this link (full URL below) to access the following documentation:

  • PTC System Monitor Known Issues
  • PTC System Monitor Product Compatibility Matrices
  • PTC System Monitor Installation and Usage Guide

Full URL:


Thank you for the information John.

One question though:

How much additional http traffic does this system add to the existing system. We are now experiencing heavy saturation through some of our global lines.

Can you please advise?

Thank you,

Buddy Hudson

Hi Buddy,

That is a very good question, thanks.

PTC System Monitor can be optionally configured to remotely monitor File Servers located globally, but this is not required. You can limit the deployment to just the main site, in which case there is no additional network traffic required over the WAN. File Servers are already monitored on a limited basis by Windchill itself (in the Server Status utility and through JMX notification).

If you choose to place the PTC System Monitor "agents" and a "collector" at a remote site File Server, the agents send uncompressed data to the collector over the local LAN at that site, and then the collector preprocesses and compresses the data stream before sending it over the WAN to the server located at the main site. The amount of data is relatively small compared to Windchill itself, but if your network is already heavily used you should probably stick to a main site deployment only.


Tim Atwood