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Business Report Input Page

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Business Report Input Page


Custom Business Report in 3 Phases

1. Create Necessary Query: (Done I think) I can Generate Reports in Report Manager, however I have Five Variables

A. ProjectLink Context Name

B. User Name

C. Resource Name

D. Estimate Start Date

E. Estimated Finish Date

2. Created the Report in Cognos; Also Introduced Sorting in the Cognos Report

A. Requires a Prompt for Column (OrderBy)

3. Creating the Input Page (JSP Page);

  • PTC Customization Guide does not have enough Beginner Information.
  • Attempter to Try the Bruce all over this Community but it fails to come up, it is referencing a Tag Directory that Does NOT exist in Windchill 10.1
  • I tried PiggyBacking the Project Item Status Input, but it is hardcoded to Program, tried modifying the JSP but Could not get it to get the Program drop down to show Project dropdown....

Can someone suggest a First Step?

A. How to get a Simply INput Page to Appear

B. How to Dispaly my Six Parameters

C. How to Hide OrderBy put Pass a Default Value "1"

D. How to Allow Drop-Dwon of Values for Projects/Users/ResourceName for Selection....

Any Tutorials or Instruction Appreciated.


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