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Can not get Windchill DS to run as a Service on Windows 2008 Server 64Bit

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Can not get Windchill DS to run as a Service on Windows 2008 Server 64Bit


Has anyone run into an issue getting Windchill DS to install as a Service on a Windows 2008 Server x64.

Windchill DS runs fine as a Program (Can Start and Stop)

When I select Runtime Options/Windows Service/Enable the installation fails. In then suggests I may not have permission to create a Service.

1. I am a created Local Admin with Full Control Permissions but not a domain administrator

2. I am the Owner with Full Control Permission

3. The UAC had been disabled.

Wondering if anyone crossed this error, as it seems to be more of a Windows Error than WindchillDS. PTC Technical Support not grasping that a service would not install. Did not see any open issue at And local IT is stumped. The server has an unusual Virus Software/ Has Firewall wondering if they could be blocking....

Apache, Tomcat and Windchill have been converted to Services Successfully.

Brian Sullivan



Just has same trouble this week:

The Windchill Service is not starting when using Java 1.6.18, which is delivered with Windchill 9.1 M050, with no error messages.
Reinstall the service using the follwoing ant task:

ant -buildfile <windchill>\opt\ntservice\WindchillService.xml install -DserviceName=<servicename>

Override the default memory allocations by adding the following argument to the ant script:

-DmaxHeap=6 (for 64-bit)
-DmaxHeap=3(for 32-bit)


Hope it will help

Thanks for the thought Chris but I am able to get Apache, Tomcat and Windchill setup as a Service. ( I also ran into the Windchill memory allocation error in 9.1 M050)

My Issue is with the LDAP...

I have attempted from with WindchillDS Control Panel (Error during Enabling of Windows Service) as well as from command line "windows-service -e" of the PTC TPI or windows-service.bat "-enableService".

I have a week to resolve... or I guess I can give up and backup to good old Aphelion.

Been trying to change Permissions on the windows-service.bat file.... Also tried compatibility to Windows 2003. Will ask IT to disable Virus Software next.


Apologies Brian,

Got the wrong note from my installation file, I had your issue as well and I just got finally with an addition of these:

* remove the User Account Control will be my first one for now on and also lots of little crappy local policies etc..

* disable Data Execution Prevention

* disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security

* Disable Microsoft Firewall.

but once this is done, ensure you pick the full ptc folder and remove the "greyed" Read Only option...I am assuming your local admin as well

Thanks Chris & Everyone

I was able to get WindchillDS installed as a Service after we removed the Anti-Virus from the Computer (Sophos Anti-Virus).
Appears the WindchillDS program uses something the Anti-Virus disagreed with.

I guess I'll need to stick to the cardinal rule of removing all the software bullies from the computer when I get a funny issue. (The below mentioned by Chris, plus Virus Software)

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