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Can't get Query-Tree with "SELECTBY=EFFECTIVITY" to work


Can't get Query-Tree with "SELECTBY=EFFECTIVITY" to work

I'm just beginning to play with the Effectivity APIs (including Webjects), and trying to get retrieve a part structure using Query-Tree using "SELECTBY=EFFECTIVITY" with "SELECTBY_DATE=Jul 21, 2011".

In my testing, for all parts in my product structure, I've set a date effectivity range that includes my "test" date (Jul 21, 2011), with an effectivity context of the topmost part, and an "effectivity qualifier" of "EXACT" in one testand missing (i.e., no qualifier) in another; it seems like no matter what date effectivity I set in my parts/ part structure, Query-Tree only returns the topmost object of the structure.

When I change "EFFECTIVITY" to "LATEST" (and remove "SELECTBY_DATE"), I get back the entire structure, so I believe that all other aspects of the webject call are valid.

What am I doing wrong?

Here's my webject call:

<ie:webject name="Query-Tree" type="OBJ">
<ie:param name="INSTANCE"" data="&lt;%=" namingservice=" %=">" />
<ie:param name="GROUP_IN"" data="parts"/>
<ie:param name="GROUP_OUT"" data="output"/>
<ie:param name="type"" data="wt.part.WTPartUsageLink"/>
<ie:param name="DIRECTION"" data="uses"/>
<ie:param name="AUTO_NAVIGATE"" data="true"/>
<ie:param name="DEPTH"" data="99"/>
<ie:param name="SELECTBY"" data="EFFECTIVITY"/>
<ie:param name="SELECTBY_DATE"" data="Jul" 21,=" 2011&quot;="/>
<ie:param name="MODE"" data="nested"/>
<ie:param name="ATTRIBUTE"" data="number,thePersistInfo.modifyStamp,thePersistInfo.createStamp,thePersistInfo.updateStamp,state.state,versionInfo.identifier.versionId,iterationInfo.identifier.iterationId" delim=","/>
<ie:param name="OUTPUT_TYPE"" data="OTHER_SIDE"/>

A couple of things I realize I'm not clear about:

  1. Does it use the top-level object I give it as the "context" when figuring out which effectivity (context) to apply to each part it visits during the structure traversal?

  2. What is the "SELECTBY_CONFIG_ITEM_REF" attribute for - why would I use it and how would I find / create one?