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Custom ECR/ECN numbering scheme


Custom ECR/ECN numbering scheme

I need to create a custom numbering scheme for our ECR/ECN process in PDMLink11.1. The numbers would be YY-XXXX, where YY is the last two digits of the year and XXXX is a sequential number starting at 0001, like "18-0152". I also need the number XXXX to reset to 0001 at the end of the year. So, regardless of the last number used in 2018, when we change to 2019, the number would become "19-0001".


Has anybody ever done something similar?

Or does anyone know how to skip numbers in a autogenerated numbering scheme?




My first thought is to create for each year a separate number generator (Or reset it to 0).

At the first day of the year, change the prefix and the number generator in the OIR.

If you would like to set the ECR and the ECN to the same number, this won't work without having a customizing.

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Dear Itourville,


I don´t know if your question is still open or if you have found a solution allready. 


But some short advises:


you have to create and install your needed numbering scheme in den DB (oracle or SQL) the code should also include your rules, like the rest at the beginning of the year etc.


Afterwards you have to change the OIR of the ECN that it will take this new numbering scheme.


Best Regards



Why not just create a custom Java class that calculates the number based on the logic you supplied and then point the OIR's number algorithm to the custom Java class rather than the OOTB number generator.


Your logic is very clear.  This is very easy to do.

The solution is simple and bombproof.