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EBOM Assembly with multi-CAD "Owners" in components


EBOM Assembly with multi-CAD "Owners" in components

Is there a best practice that's recommended when you have an assembly that uses multiple CAD types of EPMDocs? How do you make the CAD drive WTPart structure in this case? We use primarily Pro/E (Creo) with UGNX and CATIA. WGM's are installed and we use WT-Parts



Do you mean a "Product" (ie a single WTPar BOM) composed of different sub assemblies and components which are designed with different CAD system ?

for example , A bike with a frame designed in ProE and wheels designed with Catia ?

If yes, you should be able to do something with the HDIC (Heterogeneous Design In Context) module between ProE and Catia (don't know for NX ...) . You can link a principal "owner" CADDoc to the WTPart, and other CAD representations from different CAD system by a secondary "image" link. Windchill will control the CAD translation and the WTPart BOM update ...

Even if you do not use HDIC. You can manage "manually" the translation:

for a component:

-Use the owner link for the "native" CAD Document

-Link the translated CADDoc with a image or contributing image link.

for an assembly:

-same rules as above

- in the owner assembly , add the components of the same CAD system type (you will have a "mix" of owner or image CADDocs if some components are heterogeneous)

-when checkin, the WTPart BOM will be updated .. regarding the owner and image CADDocs

The WTPart BOM will be heterogeneous from her principal "owner" CAD system

But from each CAD Docs "types" structure, it should be homogeneous

If you mean a single CADDoc with multiple owner links to several WTparts. It is not yet supported ....



ps : able to do that in WC 10

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