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Free - XSV (CSV, TSV) to XML Converter


Free - XSV (CSV, TSV) to XML Converter

*If you are doing migration projects or load data to Windchill/ PDMLink,
this is a must have FREE solution. If you find bugs or want to contribute
let me or the admin of * *
XSV to XML Converter (Free)

The XSV to XML converts CSV, TSV or any delimited files to XML files with
very little effort. Mainly, it gives you a lot of control over processing of
data during conversion.

During migration or loading exercises, many times, you need to convert
delimited data (CSV, TSV etc) to XML load files. Sure, you can use out of
the box converter to achieve this, but often, you want more control.

*Imagine loading 10,000 objects and the loader throws error while loading
999th object stating "Folder not Found" or "Incorrect Format"*

With this converter, you will be able to achieve the following.

1. Validate rows that qualify for loading. For example, validate data
against existence of folder in the system. You can validate columns using
existing validation methods or write your own in a very easy manner.

2. Format columns. For example, formatting date field. You can format
columns using existing formatting methods or write your own in a very easy

3. Dynamically calculate value for columns. For example, display data to
internal value mapping.

4. Move invalid rows into separate file and convert valid rows to
loadable XML

5. Log4J integration and logging that clearly shows columns that are
invalid and the reasons for them to be invalid.

6. Easily customize existing conversion framework to suite your needs.

Read more and get the solution free from

RE: Free - XSV (CSV, TSV) to XML Converter

Hi James,

For this kind of data processing, I use an Open Source ETL (Extract Transform Load) solution :

Free - XSV (CSV, TSV) to XML Converter

Hi Julien,

That sounds very interesting. I have heard good things about Talend and I
think it will be great for the community if there is a solution developed
for Windchill on it already.

Do let me know via this forum or offline what we need to do on our part to
upload the solution to the site so that users can download it.

It would be good if you could provide good documentation so that the user
community will be interested.

Thank you

RE: Free - XSV (CSV, TSV) to XML Converter

For the moment, this solution is only an internal "CS home made" solution, but it has been used for some prototyping project (small data loading, PDMLink/SAP interface prototype)

I'm working on the publication of this 2 components. It requires to follow our internal "Quality gates" in order to be authorized to publish as an Open Source project.

As soon as these components will be available for download (probably on the web site), be sure that I will post on this forum/mailing list.

An overview of the features provided by the 2 components:

  • Extract:
    • Query data based on multiple criteria : the result of the query can be use through a data flow in the Talend designer. Transformation and loading can than be done with the available Talend components
  • Load:
    • Create and Update Windchill data (Modeled types, custom types, soft types, classified data) in the given container.
    • Create links
    • Check-out / Check-in data
    • Load Content as primary content

RE: Free - XSV (CSV, TSV) to XML Converter

Hi Julien,

I just ran across this thread, and was wondering how this effort turned out.

It is looking like we will have a requirement to interface to a new ERP system sometime after the first of the year. I have been researching online and have been reading about Talend. It looks like a potential solution for us, so I would be very interested in learning about your experiences and any ‘lessons learned’.

Can you give us an update on how things turned out?



RE: Free - XSV (CSV, TSV) to XML Converter

Hello Julien,

The utility you mentioned might be helpful in one of the migration project what i am going to be perform.

It will be helpfull if you can share the utility. Either here or Offline.

Please let me know the possibility.



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