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How to define a default Advanced Search?


How to define a default Advanced Search?

Hi all,


By default , "advanced search" is set with basic attributes Number and Name.

I would like to add few other attributes by default.

How can we do that?

I try to find a way to do it since a while, without to have to use "save search".

I find this this old topic (see picture attached) but no answer to this issue.


Thanks a lot in advance!





Hi Jonathan,


Check this knowledge article out:


How to make additional attributes available as search criteria in the "Advanced Search" UI in Windchill PDMLink


I suspect you are probably looking for something like this, so that you don't have to save your own search, and look for it, to get your desired attributes.



It's exactly what I tried to do! Thanks a lot!


Hi Michael,


Unfortunately, it's not exactly what I want to do.

In this article, attributes become available as selectable attributes.

In my case, I would like to have them selected by default, exactly as on the picture attached on my first post.


Thanks for your help!


Ahh, I thought your criteria weren't even displaying.


I think you're looking for what is described in this article:


Customization. And it seems to have some cautions about trying to do this type of customization.


You may want to open a Support case for this, to consult with our customization engineers.




Ok I see.

In this article, the resolution is:

  • It is not advised to do this customization
  • There may be serious negative impacts on Name and Number Datautilities of other areas of Windchill

Do you know what kind of "serious negative impact on Name and Number" this customization can create?

What exactly do you want to use?

I created two new global attributes (called Product Code and Product Category) that I use for Mechanical Part and MCAD Document.

It's these attributes that I want to add in the Advanced Search.

When I open the Advanced Search window, I want to have the criteria Name, Number, Product Code and Product Category ready to be used without to have to select them.

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