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How to move Windchill on Windows server to Linux


How to move Windchill on Windows server to Linux

Hi Windchill Gurus,

Our company has an old Windchill 9.1 running on Windows 2003 server, and we are planning to retire windows 2003 server soon, so we want to move it to Linux (RHL-2.6.32)

But I don't find any documents about rehost windchill from Windows to Linux.  BTW, all Oracle DBs are running on Solaris which will remain untouched.

I was hoping anyone from the community can give us some advice please.



For this you have to follow an installation method of rehosting or else you will have find out all the folder structure references from Windows to Unix. On a high level these are the steps.

  1. Install Windchill 9.1 with same datecode, patch set and configuration as your original installation. I guess you will still be able to obtain CDs from PTC.Use a dummy Oracle database for this.
  2. Export the LDIF from Aphelion or Windchill DS(post 9.1 M030) and import it to Aphelion/WindchillDS installed in Linux.
  3. Copy the vaults directory to Linux.
  4. Run the ant -f rehost script, this will update the host name references in LDAP.(applicable only if you are updating the hostname)

cd Windchill/bin/adminTools/rehosting

ant “-Dtarget-ldap=ldap://” –

  6. Update the to switch from dummy database to new database. wt.pom.dbHost, instance name, username, password and all.

  7. Then update the database reference to  new hostname

     Update Repository set lastKnownDomain='' where local=1;

8. Given that all the above steps are done, you should be able to bring the server up. Now you can update the File vault settings from Vault server administrator.

Hi Binesh, We have not yet scheduled to do this yet, will ask for your kind help once we are there.  Thanks again!


Do you have any reasons why you are moving from Windows to Linux? Any performance related issues?

We are new to Windchill, contemplating  between Windows and Linix Servers, any feedback is appreciated.


23-Emerald II

What are you and/or your IT department more familiar with, Windows or Linux?

As long as the hardware is the same, I doubt you will see much performance difference between the OSs.


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