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How to show in Workspace the WTPart number from a CAD-Document?


How to show in Workspace the WTPart number from a CAD-Document?

Is it possible to show the WTPart number from a CAD-Document in the Workspace (only owner link)? If the WTPart number has another number than the CAD-Model and the CAD-Drawing it's necessary to show somewhere the WTPart number. With the attribute delegate service it's possible to synchronize the WTPart number to Creo, but not to the Workspace. Does anyone has an idea how to solve that? Since no alias attributes are allowed in the workspace it's not that easy.

There are some ideas around: e.g. show a structure workspace View workspace as a structure

Or to synchronize attributes from the WTPart to the CAD-Document Attributes which are on wtpart and caddoc should be synchronized bi-directional

Or show some alias attributes in the workspace Alias Attribute support for workspace and CAD

Thanks for all ideas



unconfirmed/untested idea... if it were me I'd be looking at an Alias Attribute

Thanks Keir Pritchard

Unfortunately this doesn't work. As you see above, the Alias Attribute in the workspace is just a idea...

Is anybody using different numbers for WTPart and CADDocuments? If so, how do you manage the CAD Documents in the workspace. How do you know which (WTPart) number this CAD Model has?



Bjorn, We have File Name = Number on all CAD documents.  It would be nice to have a picture for the setting to make WTpart association yield a WTpart Number = CAD document Number.  Having this setting may mitigate the issue associated with this thread.  The user could search by file name in the workspace search in table and see the WTPart and CAD at the same time.  I'm sure I'm missing something with my limited knowledge on Parts, but maybe it is just that simple!



As Administrator check under Preferences and Auto-Associate.  Have used the attribute mapping to do this in the past.  Challenge comes in if/when Part Number = Model Number = Drawing Number, then the Drawing (Windchill) Number has been NUMBER.DRW.  Additional challenges if you're dealing with flexible parts or soft goods such as hydraulic hoses that have multiple installed shapes for the same base part number


Thank Keir,

I have toggled the highlighted settings in our test environment without any luck at the org level.  Are these the ones you are referring to?  I don't see any other settings in this area that seem appropriate.

I still get a random number in the workspace from the auto associate UI as shown in second picture.  Maybe there is a "generated" setting overriding the preferences?



Thanks for the discussion. I've created a graphic. Now, it is hopefully clear to everyone.


Does anybody has realized something like this?

23-Emerald IV

You can definitely add custom attributes to the table views.  I imagine if you manually configured the system to map NAME and NUMBER to custom attributes, these would display just fine.

Take a look at this discussion for an overview of how this might work:  How to get Windchill Part Name and Part Number in Creo Model?

Since it's not possible to switch in Creo the visual information from filename to e.g. name, it absolutely makes no sense to me anymore to have separate numbers between WTPart and CAD Documents. Even if the theory and everybody recommends this. It would be so great a help if I could configure this in Creo. The problem is not the structure browser, there I can make the name visible in a column, more like in the open dialog where only filenames can be searched, or by selecting a plane where only the filename is being showed, etc. There are to many dialogs where only the filename is being showed. Unfortunately this shows me, that PTC is still developing Creo as a standalone application and not in combination with Windchill. 

Please vote all for this idea Number/Name/File Name/Commom Name in Creo/Windchill

Bjoern Rueegg‌ I agree for the most part on Windchill WTPart Number = Windchill CAD Document Number = Creo filename, but there are exceptions that need to be accommodated somehow

  • Soft Goods like hydraulic hose assemblies.  I don't want to have to create a new part number for each installed shape/instance... I want to use the same actual item and be able to route this way or that way and some other way as well.  Piping does not address this as far as I know as it seems to be built for the use case of routing unique applications (dedicated part numbers) cabling and plumbing into something big like a space shuttle or airplane, although the example for cabling is a computer case.  That said, a computer manufacturer/assembler would hardly be lean if the cut a new part number for each configuration rather than trying to design a less optimized component that fits more applications - and better yet, you can use the CAD tool to assess reuse opportunities!  Best solution I've come up with is *_shape1.asm, *_shape2.asm etc. (absolutely open to ideas!)
  • Drawing Number = Part Number.  Then there are two CAD Documents that would be trying to have the same Number (solved by Part Number.prt/asm + Part Number.drw, or sub-typing CAD Document for Drawings)

Maybe a good solution would be for Creo Dialogs to have better visibility to Windchill information (by config, because Creo needs to be somewhat compatible with other PLM systems and... as much as I personally may disagree with it - working with file system and no PDM