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Intralink 3.4 on Win7 with new domain - FIXED


Intralink 3.4 on Win7 with new domain - FIXED

Hola -

We've been running 3.4 M062 on Windows 7 for a while. Edited the .bat file for the "Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true" stuff and all has been well.

There is now a new problem.

We've switched domains, so that the user is now a domain and not a local user. When I start intralink, I get the splash screen and then it dies. The .proi.log file shows "java.lang.NullPointerException null". This may or may not be the problem.

So, with the same workstation and batch files, if I logon as a local user and run proilink3.4.bat, Intralink starts and runs normally. If I logon as a domain user, Intralink's splash screen appears and then dies and it Intralink does not start.

The Intralink server is now on a different domain as the workstation, but I can successfully ping both ways either by hostname or ip address. I've also tried changing tnsnames.ora from the server's hostname to its IP address with no success.

Running out of ideas here....



Thanks to Joel and Doug - but it's still not working.

Tried setting the compatibility mode for javaws.exe to Vista SP2 - still didn't work

Renamed slqnet.ora -still didn't work.....

We have not been using Pro/I for a couple of years now, but I recall a similar sort of issue when our servers moved from one domain to a different one in a data center. (Server and users were originally part of the same domain.)

Try messing with this line in the SQLNET.ORA file on your server:


I don't remember which of these is the DEFAULT value in the file, but whatever one it is, change it to the other and see if that helps. Sometimes when there is a difference between the server and the Domain clients, Pro/I can wig out like this for reasons I still don't understand.

Good luck.

--Jim Augeri
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I'm completely baffled. I can only get Pro/I to start if I am logged in as the original user who installed Win7/ProI/ProE AND it is in the original loadpoint! The software was installed before the workstation joined the new domain.


Original user: Engineering

Original loadpoint: e:\ptc\proiclient


User: Engineering

Loadpoint: E:\ptc\proiclienttest


User: Test

Loadpoint: e:\ptc\proiclient


User: Test

Loadpoint: e:\ptc\proiclienttest

The loadpoints are just copies of the original, not reinstalls.

I'd like to thank everyone who responded - Doug, Tim, Jim, and Joel.

Ultimately, reinstalling and tweaking permissions did not correct the issue.

What DID work was to replace the JRE bundled with Pro/INTRALINK 3.4 with an Oracle-provided one.

1) I renamed <loadpoint>\i486_nt\jre\bin and <loadpoint>\i486_nt\jre\lib to <loadpoint>\i486_nt\jre\bin_old and <loadpoint>\i486_nt\jre\lib_old

2) I browsed to the c:\program files(x86)\java folder and copied the \bin and \lib folders to <loadpoint>\i486_nt\jre\

All is well.

Thanks again.

PS: Upon later use I discovered that JRE 7 would not allow Pro/LOCATE to work. I went back through versions until I found 1.5.1 did the job.