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MPMLink operation allocated part attributes


MPMLink operation allocated part attributes



I am implementing Windchill MPMLink (11.0 and above) at several customers at the moment,

And there is a need to display custom attributes in the Work Instruction Illustrations.


I have noticed, that custom (Creo or PDM) attributes are not being copied to the Operation Viewable.

I have attached a screen shot showing the available attributes for the same part.

The behavior is the same for both Creo View and Illustrate representations.


I suggest that there should be an rcp file or some properties to control the behavior of operation viewable creation (i.e. the adapter/loadAttr=1 row of an rcp file). 

Any idea where to look for a possible solution will be appreciated.





have you call the Tech Support for that ?

If it is the " normal" behaviour, you should open an idea/enhancement and I will vote for it .


If you have a solution,please post it, we will be interested of !




I have an open support case (actually 2 cases) since like forever (6 month and counting) for this issue.

So far no positive response from TechSupport/RnD.


I will share the solution if there will be any,

But I don't think that there will be any response in the next years to come, given the quality of PTC Support.

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