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New Part New CAD Inventor

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New Part New CAD Inventor


For users to be partially placated at lose of automation of SmartTeam/inventor… I need below.

Anyone tried to resolve any of the four “Q”s at the bottom.

Current Process in Windchill:

  1. Create New Part (AutoNumber 3-5) Example: 605-00792.

  2. Fill in Name [Brian Example 1 ] and all other Attributes

  3. Highlight; Copy 605-00792

  4. Scroll Down

  5. Check “Create CAD Document”

  6. Then Next

  7. Select Authoring Application (Inventor) as well as Template Name

  8. Uncheck File Name Same As Number

  9. Paste 605-00792 into File Name Field
    (Alternate under Discussion Copy CAD Doc Number into File Name if CAD Doc
    Number same as Part Number)

  10. Copy Name

  11. Paste Name Value into File Name Field (Note Inventor Fine with Spaces)
    [Final Appearance: “Brian Example 1 605-00792”]

  12. Fill out remainder of CAD Attributes

  13. Finish.


Q1: Can the “Create CAD Document” be Pre-Selected?

Q2: Can Authoring Application be Pre-Selected to “Inventor”

Q3: Populate CAD Number from Part Number Field. So they are

Q4: (KEY ISSUE)Can CAD File Name be Customize to be Populated with
Combination of “Name and Number” instead of Default same as Number.

Brian Sullivan


Q3 Critical… was thinking may OIR syntax BUT ONLY FOR
INVENTOR…………………. Make in Inventor you would not have wtPart yet;
NX, Catia and ProE users just manually name CAD file names while working in CAD Tool.