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No Object name/number in Approve Promotion Request email?? WC 9.1


No Object name/number in Approve Promotion Request email?? WC 9.1

I recently open a ticket with PTC Tech Support to help me configure the Approve Promotion Request email so as to include, anywhere in the email, the name/number of the object being promoted.

They told me " we cannot achieve what you are looking for."

Is it true? how could a PLM system send an email without the affected doucment(s) listed anywhere?? Yes, it provides a link to the promotion request form, there you can find all the document(s) related. But I have to log into PDMLink to view each and every promotion request - one at a time!!

How do companies do it when they have 30,50,100 promotion requests? how do they know which ones to prioritize, which is which??

Does anyone know of a way to "achieve" this?



in general Windchill workflow Task emails just have a link. Not much attention by PTC to make this more useful it seems. Can add info a few ways with some extra effort (not supported; helps some)

1. In the workflow template, can make the Name of the parent object (PBO - e.g. Promotion Request) a workflow String variable and add this to the user instruction, which causes it to be includedi n the body of each email. Have to use some code to get the PBO Name and map to the workflow variable name.

2. In the workflow template, can use some more code to get the PBO Name and dynamically update the Task name, such that a bunch of "Approve Promotion Request" tasks and emails will differ from each other by the inclusion of the promotion request Name.

All these have been worked out by various users - would be great to have a monitored "clearinghouse" for these. We have both in place for all types of Tasks.


This looks very promising. I understand exactly what you're talking about... only problem is I don't do code. That is why I needed PTC to help me with the customization.

Good stuff though. Thanks!


Being a customization expert in Windchill PLM, probably I can help you on this. I have done this before aswell.

Overall flow of the custom utility can be as given below.: (minute details need to be decided through a discussion)

- Create an email template in Html format and keep it in windchill, lets say codbase\ext\..

- Need to write a custom method and use the appropriate API to extract the information required(In your case name/number of the object being promoted).

- Throgh the customisation pick the above stored html email template and add the information (part numbers in your case ) to the template.

- Send the email using this email template filled with the information

- from the workflow at appropriate location call this method and your email will have all these informations.

Let me know if you need any help in achieving this.


Eldo Kuriakose

Sr Solution architect, PLM


1. Create a variable in the workflow template administrator.

- for example objInfo and description or sth. similar

2. Link your variable with a value.

- Usually you can do this in the conditional like

For objInfo

- wt.workflow.engine.WFProcess proc = (wt.workflow.engine.WFProcess)self.getObject();

objInfo = proc.getName();

For description

- wt.maturity.PromotionNotice pn = (wt.maturity.PromotionNotice)primaryBusinessObject;

description = pn.getDescription();

3. Call your variable in the mail wizard of the workflow template administrator



Good luck