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Oracle to SQL for Windchill?


Oracle to SQL for Windchill?

Windchillers, Wondering of anyone has switched from Oracle to SQL as the DB for Windchill? We are considering this and are interested in hearing how this turned out and what it takes to get there. We could do this as part of the 9.1 to 10 upgrade, do it as a follow on project once WC10 is running orsqueeze it in in 9.1 prior to the upgrade. Anyone willing to share their experience with this or even have a call on this subject? Regards, Andy B.

I’ve done this several times. It’s a pretty easy process as long as you have practiced it once. The process is a bit funny but can be blindly followed after you get it defined. If you can practice it a couple of times and document it, it’s pretty easy.


Steve Vinyard
Application Engineer
22-Sapphire III

We are planning on doing this at Windchill 9.1m060 before going to Windchill 10 on new 64bit servers.

Can you share any hints or notes to ease the process?

We are doing a Windchill 9.0m050 to 10.0 m040 upgrade in 3 steps.

1) Upgrade to Windchill 9.1m060 on Oracle, switch to Windchill DS

2) Upgrade to SQL Server 2008 on 32-bit hardware

3) Upgrade and rehost to Windchill 10.0m040 on 64bit hardware.
IF we see benefit in WC 10.1, we will upgrade Wildfire to Creo and then WC10.1

Thank you,

Ben H. Loosli


There is also documentation to support this migration process. The Windchill Oracle to SQL Migration Guide is available for 10.1, 10.0, and 9.1.



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VP, Windchill Publications
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