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Organise new and modified products


Organise new and modified products

Hello all

We would like to have a team of designers for new products and another one for modifications of those products once they are mature. Change Management responsibilities would also be different.

I see 2 possibilities:

  1. One context, everybody has access to everything
    • Pro: easy to configure
    • Con: everybody has access to areas they should not
    • Con: Change Management tasks sent to everybody and they have to decide if they have to act or not
  2. Two contexts. Move mature objects from one context to the other
    • Pro: correct permission to modify
    • Pro: correct Change Management roles
    • Con: manual work to move thing from one context to the other

What do you think?

21-Topaz I

Having 2 context is more work.  We have only 1 context no matter how old the product is.  You can have different rights.  Not everyone will have access if you don't want them to.

Ideally, manage this by state, so that there is no need to consider contexts or moving.


If for example, you use numbered Revisions for prototype / development work, and letters for production, then the following major benefits result:

- Allow all users to Revise at the state used for numbered Revision

- Allow only the users who are authorized to work on production data to Revise from the state used for lettered Revisions.


A simple 2-dimensional grid-type diagram helps greatly on this, with the axes of the diagram being state across the bottom and Revisions vertically, with arrows showing the transitions.  Note: All the PTC diagrams on this are one-dimension, including all the training.