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Query Builder Configurations, Instances, and Structures


Query Builder Configurations, Instances, and Structures

We ran into a bit of a bug with Windchill and it's causing us some heartburn.

We have tickets in place and all to get it fixed, but we're trying to find a short term solution and PTC has yet to be able to give us a reasonable answer so I'm turning to you the community.


So 2 months ago I asked for help on a (seemingly) simple Query Builder report.

We've all seen the structure report if you're using Product Structure right? And the BOM reports?

Well we're looking for an Instance report.


On the structure tab for a Part Instance there is a listed structure. A part instance As-Built with serial numbers.


For given instance


Assembly1               Instance: 001A

     Subassembly2     Instance: 002A

     Subassembly2     Instance: 002B


You might also have


Assembly1               Instance: 001B

     Subassembly2     Instance: 002C

     Subassembly2     Instance: 002D


So far all I've been able to get from PTC is the link between the WTPart and the instance of that wtpart. See also:

But there should be an association between the instance of assembly1 and the two instances of subassembly2


My theory is that the structure is similar to Product Structure, though if so, the tables aren't named similarly. I've tried multiple variations unsuccessfully.

Otherwise you'd have to map it through the product structure and somehow have to align the instances to the instance of the where used. Which I believe is what PTC did for that table, which also explains how it is now failing for some of our use cases as you drill down further in the structure.


Any other query builder gurus who have solved this mystery? Is anyone else out there using Configurations and Instances?


Have you found a solution?  I too would like to do a Part Instance Structure tabe BOM report, so we can see every instance on the as-built. 


Looking for a reporting solution also. Do you have a solution already? If yes, can you share it?

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