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RE: Easiest Way to Report on "Checked out Objects"?


RE: Easiest Way to Report on "Checked out Objects"?

Hello Steve,

Thanks for sharing this qml report definition! Very handy.

One quick question, how do I display the user name who has the items checked out when I run the report? I can see the names when I preview from the query builder, but not when I run the report.

Thanks again!


I don't know which report are you talking about, but I have a report always opened to verify checked out objects and I can see the name of the user.


Below object type used and attribute selected.


Checkout Link []
Original Copy.Checked Out By.Display Name []

Can you step me through how to set this up as a standard report, thanks.

Can you specify your request in more detail?


From what you have written I cannot understand what you are asking.


Sorry - that was pretty vague I guess.  I am not new to Windchill but have never run a report of any kind.  Would like to know objects I personally have checked out and also for the whole user group in general.  Any pointers are appreciated.

It doesn't matter, but remember that the more vague the question you ask the more difficult it is for someone to decide to answer you. In the community there's a document, divided in sections, with lots of report ready to use In this document there are also a couple of presentations with some hints on how to create and modify a report. Take a look at it.

I've struggled to get a trustable query builder report for checked out items, including having multiple tech support cases on this. Returned results sometimes are not in fact checked out.

There are multiple CS articles on ptc with sql scripts to pull directly from the database.

I've been using this for a while and fully trust it:

SELECT "User", "Workspace Name",
a5.documentnumber "CAD Doc Number",
A0.createstampa2 "Checked Out Since"
FROM EPMCheckpoint A0,EPMCheckpointMaster A0B,BaselineMember A1,
epmworkspace A2, wtuser a3, epmdocument a4, epmdocumentmaster a5
a4.ida3masterreference = a5.ida2a2
and A1.idA3B5 = a4.ida2a2
and A0.ida2a2 = A1.idA3A5
and A0.idA3masterReference=A0B.idA2A2(+)
and A0B.ida2a2 = a2.ida3a5
and a2.ida3m5 = a3.ida2a2
and a4.statecheckoutinfo = 'wrk'
order by A0.createstampa2