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Save to Workspace uses filename as part number and does not auto-assign a new Windchill Number

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Save to Workspace uses filename as part number and does not auto-assign a new Windchill Number

We have just started using Windchill and uploading our legacy stuff to it. We also have a few soft types defined which we are identifying in the solidworks attributes using UPLOAD_SOFT_SOFT which have their own auto numbering sequence defined (with prefixes like MA for Mechanical Assembly so the number would be MAxxxxx).


The issue is that when using save to workspace the number does not get autogenerated and instead the file name is used as the part number even if the soft type is correctly set.

Currently the workarounds we have available are:

  1. Create a part in the workspace with the type we want which generates a number automatically with the correct sequence. The external CAD file is renamed to that number and then saved to workspace to overwrite the generated part.
  2. OR rename the parts we want manually with sequence such as MA51xxx and then using that 51 as an additional manually set prefix for that product and then saving to workspace.


What we would like is based on the soft type assigned, the save to workspace command should generate the next number in the sequence. So if I were to upload an assembly with the soft types defined for all the parts they would get the next number in the sequence assigned to them automatically.


A kind of workaround I found was if i saved the parts to workspace without the soft type defined but not upload them and then going back in to define the soft type and resaving it then the auto numbering works.
i.e if the parts exist in the workspace without the soft type defined but have not been uploaded to the server at all, then if i add in the soft type and resave the number gets generated.


Basically I would like for that autonumbering to work on intial save to workspace using the upload soft type as an indicator of what sequence to use.





1. Does it properly recognize the soft type upon saving to a workspace?

2. Do you have OIR defined for each of the soft types?

<!-- *************** NUMBER *************** -->
<!-- Define EPM Document Number -->
<AttrValue id="number" algorithm="com.ptc.windchill.enterprise.revisionControlled.server.impl.NumberGenerator"     ignore="false" force="false" final="false">
<!-- Add this prefix -->
<!-- Generate a number -->
<!-- Format: {GEN: <class> : <key> : <length> : <pad> } -->

3. Do you have the "Auto Generate Family Table Instance Number" preference set to Yes?

Keep in mind, that if it set to "Yes" - it will, probably, use the generic EPM Document OIR to define the number. This might happen because the soft type will be determined upon the UPLOAD operation, while the number will be assigned BEFORE the upload.



Kind regards,





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1. It does not recognize softype on saving to workspace but does when uploaded to windchill

2. OIR's are defined for all soft types

3.That preference is set to No.


Saving to workspace with the upload soft type attribute filled in is not generating the number. It uses the filename as the part number and uploads it with that even if it shows the correct soft type in windchill.


However, if I save to workspace first without defining the soft type and fill the attribute once it's in the workspace, then the auto generated number for the soft type is assigned.

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