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Search by Folder Name type in Windchill


Search by Folder Name type in Windchill


We are using Windchill 10.0 M030 and I found a problem when I want to search by Folder Name type. As a result of history matters, many objects are stored and identified by the folder it is placed in (just like the Windows Explorer). Unfortunately this type of object can't be choosen to search for in Windchill (see att.) or did I miss a thing? I only found some discussions/solutions/articles about building queries but that should not be the way for the normal end user in my opinion.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Bas Luk


Pretty sure that you can directly search for a subFolder (location).

I created a query builder report that returns all folders by context (was a bit of a trick).

Can likely extend it to add documents and allow the user to enter needed document criteria.


I looked in the advanced search and didn't see any choice for folder, subfolder or location under type. Not sure that you can search for a folder from what I see...

Maybe I am looking in the wrong spot. (Wouldn't be the first time... not even the first time today! ha!)


22-Sapphire I

Oops - I meant to type before ....pretty sure that you can NOT search by subFolder.

Not enough coffee yet today (or maybe beer).

Folder object type is not searchable by default. However, the following tweaks can help:

  • Types shown in the type picker on the Advanced Search is driven by 'All Applicable Object Types' preference. The value for this preference is taken from file.
  • Add the internal name of the object type (ex: wt.folder.SubFolder) to against allSearch component id.

ex : PDMLink.allSearch=wt.folder.SubFolder,......

  • Restart windchill
  • goto Preference Manager > Search > All Applicable Object Types Preference
  • Set the preference value. The wizard shows a type picker
  • In the type picker you'll be able to see the folder obejct type as unselected. Select it and click on ok.
  • Launch the type picker on the advanced search page. It will now start showing the newly added object type viz Folder.

Please note: I am not sure if PTC would recommend adding extra types or sub-types to the object type picker.


Further thoughts ...

With the above soultion you'll be able to do a simple single object type search i.e. you may not be able to give any specific crtieria. Since, the attributes defined on the folder object type will not be available in the querybuilder of the search page.

Thank you all very much for you response until now!

I will discuss your solutions with our reseller and will share the result.

Maybe it's also a solutions for another unresolved question of me regarding Primary Content attributes of documents Re: Primary Content search in Windchill ?


22-Sapphire II

Malavika's suggestion will work. If you want to be able to search on Folder name you will also need to update the

Here is what I did:


File located under <WT_HOME/codebase/com/ptc/windchill/enterprise/search/server/:
















Updated (same directory as above):


Restarted Windchill

Ensured that Folder was selected in the Search > All Applicable Object Types Search preference:

11-3-2014 12-49-45 PM.jpg

Added Folder to the Advanced Search types and searched by Name

11-3-2014 12-51-45 PM.jpg

11-3-2014 12-53-06 PM.jpg

I tried the same but the folder does not appear in my search list ...

My Windchill is 10.1 M030

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