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Some DRW's are not publishing


Some DRW's are not publishing

I published around 70 .drawings, Out of 70 drawings 61 are completed. But 9 drawings are getting fail with no error.


Even those drawings are not submitting to any cad worker to publish. 


I am attaching logs, Would be great if i can get the help.


Thank You..!!!


What happens if you resubmit those jobs?

Is it the same jobs always failing or just random failures?

If the same file, then I would look to see what may be 'wrong' in the file. We had some fail due to Legacy Datums that had not been converted in Creo 7.

Hi BenLoosli


Thanks for your reply, I tried to resubmit the jobs. But jobs are getting fail without submitting to CAD worker.

It is the random failures, not always we are facing these kind of issue.


I found this online but you likely saw this:

I doubt that you changed settings to not publish .drw files since you said it was random. I would look at your publishing rules since in the image it indicates you are using publishing rules. Perhaps there is a logic error that depending on state or some other attribute, you have not covered all cases.

23-Emerald IV

The "No Processing Required" message is odd for a Creo drawing.  It's normally reserved for object types that Windchill can't publish.  It's probably worth opening a case with tech support to troubleshoot.

Looking your picture it seems you have a publishing rule enabled (listed in the Description field).


I would review the publishing rules criteria and investigate if this publishing rule is forbidding the drawing conversion.




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