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Unable to start Inventor worker


Unable to start Inventor worker

Hi guys,

Need some help here.I have Windchill 10.1 M040 server installed on Windows server 2008 , WGM and Autodesk Inventor 2013 installed on another System (Windows 7) and Creo View Adapter 2.0 M040 is installed on a 3rd System(Windows 7). I have done Autodesk Inventor Adapter Setting and have also done worker agent configuration on Windchill server but when I am

trying to start Inventor Worker from Worker Agent Administration, it is showing the following error message :worker_log.JPG

Does the Windchill Server need to have Creo View Client installed ?

Any help in resolving the error will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

5-Regular Member

Hi Prerana,

Why have you installed Adapter on another machine?

Try below steps:

     1. Install adapter on the same host where you want to run the worker

     2. Reconfigure the worker

     3. Make sure you register Inventor with WGM on the worker machine

     4. Make sure you have shared folder for the publishing jobs files transfer with read and write permissions

     5. Make sure your remote worker can communicate with server


from the error i can understand that WGM on the worker is not registered with Inventor.