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User Maintained Drop-Down List?


User Maintained Drop-Down List?

Hi all,


We'd like to allow a group the ability to maintain a drop-down list of values in PDMLink.

There doesn't appear to be a way to do this without giving them Org Administrator where they would be able to access all of Type & Attribute Management.


For now we are having requests to add to this list of values go through our Help Desk, but we'd like to have this group of users manage the list.


Does anyone have a solution for this type of thing?




We have a PTC consultant helping us with projects.  One of the things I asked about was if it's possible to have some kind of file outside of PDMLink like on a network drive that can store a list of users.  Then can PDM be set to be able to read that file and place the list in whatever we set up in PDM.  That way someone could have rights to the directory where that file is stored and maintain that list.


We never went through with it.  That sounded like it could be done but I'm not sure or even how it would be set up.


We have a procedure for entering who is in charge of a piece of equipment (it can be a control instrument, a mold, etc.).

The assignees of the equipment can be either internal departments of the company, suppliers or subcontractors.

They are listed in a csv file that contains hundreds of names.

A small customization makes it so that, when choosing the assignee, the user does not have to select from a very long list, but can do so by typing 3 or 4 characters of the supplier name and Windchill scrolls the list proposing one or more names for selection.



Are we talking about a "Legal List" constraint on a attribute?

This can be done with a customization with a file.  As for editing the constraint itself let's get some clarification about the type of constraint first.