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WTPUB:// (what are all the options)


WTPUB:// (what are all the options)

I can't seem to find anywhere a list of all the config options for WTPUB://

Is there an option for Notes?

Is there an option for Symbols?

is there and option for Tables (.tbl) ?

is there......

is the....

is th.....

is ......

Where is the list of available options?

23-Emerald IV

It's purely a function of your Windchill structure. Pretty much any config option looking for a folder or specific file can be pointed to Windchill.

"wtpub://<server name>" just means "look in commonspace starting at the root" Whatever comes after this is entirely base on the products, libraries and folders you've created.

For example, if you keep your symbols in a folder called "Symbols" inside a Library called "Standards" on a server called "Windchill", the option "pro_symbol_dir" would be set to: "wtpub://Windchill/Libraries/Standards/Symbols".

Relevant options:

  • drawing_setup_file
  • format_setup_file
  • hole_parameter_file_path
  • intf_profile_dir
  • pro_colormap_path
  • pro_dtl_setup_dir
  • pro_format_dir
  • pro_group_dir
  • pro_library_dir
  • pro_note_dir
  • pro_palette_dir
  • pro_symbol_dir
  • pro_table_dir
  • start_model_dir
  • template_designasm
  • template_drawing
  • template_sheetmetalpart
  • template_solidpart

I'm sure there are more, but you get the idea.

23-Emerald II

There are no 'options' defined. The use of WTPUB:// is strictly up to you and your company and what information you want stored in Windchill versus on a shared disk location.


The only WTPUB:\\ I use is for pro_format_dir. Formats need to be in Windchill so they don't come in as new when creating a drawing.


Most of my settings for directories (pro_*_dir) point to an environment variable we have set named ptc_cfg_path which points to a shared folder, x:\ptc_settings. My entry for the symbol library is:

ptc_symbol_dir $ptc_cfg_path\symbols


If I moved the symbols into Windchill, the entry would be:

ptc_symbol_dir WTPUB:\\PDM\Libraries\CFG Lib\Main\PTC Settings\Symbol


The 'PDM' is the name you use to register the Windchill server to Creo. It MUST be the same for all users.

The 'Libraries\CFG Lib\Main\PTC Settings\Symbol' is whatever you have defined for your Windchill Library structure.


Hope this helps explain how to use the WTPUB in a file.




I am interested how you bring in everywhere the same name for the Server.

We moved to Creo 3 with the same WC server, auto registrating the server as primary doesn't gave a name, it took directly the URL of the server. This blocks us from using WTPUB folders in WC.


How did you roll this out or keep it alligned?



23-Emerald II

Brute force!!!

I created a document that was sent to every user and it explained how and what settings they had to use to register Windchill to their user id in Creo. One of the items, underlined and in bold red text, was the server SHALL be named PDM.

Naming the server across all users is the only way to enable the use of wtpub::\\ for library and other files. The actual name does not matter, just that it MUST be the same for all users.

I have also created a mapkey to register the server, but found the explaination in my document as to what and why worked better.

I have a small group of users so it isn't hard to control. In my last job I had over 250 users and it took a week or 2 to get them all on the same page. Had 1 user 2 months after installing a new server, he had never switched to it and was still accessing the old server. Some people just don't read emails and memos!



21-Topaz I

           "Some people just don't read emails and memos!"




I see, there is no recipe to solve this in a good way 🙂

The mapkey I already created (renaming), hope this solves the basic things....

We we're really surpized about the small documentation regarding these points but it is like it is.

Thank you for the support!


Did Tom and Ben answer all of your qeustions about the WTPUB:// protocol? Let us know if you have any additional questions.

5-Regular Member

HI chris,

Just i want to know if want to access a common space from creo using . for that how can i get the path of common space folder  .  because i need to check whether a design file is available in common space as well as workspace . i written the code for WS but for CS i dont know how to access. can u help to solve this....

21-Topaz I

Config options that cannot use the wtpub:



Config options that can use wtpub:






At least this is the last I knew about.

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