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Why is Windchill Administration so cryptic!


Why is Windchill Administration so cryptic!

To all Admins,

I guess I have just reached a frustration level that I never experienced in my professional carrer with attempting to decode all of templates, processes, coding, JAVA, IBAs, attribute management, queue management, and the 100 other things that are trying to keep this system up and running. I truly feel that this was a plot by PTC management to purposefully make eveything so complex and complicated, and keep all the tricks to themselves on how to debug, fix, or customize anything in the system. Im sorry but I am not a JAVA programmer. I am an engineer who has worked in research and development for 20 years, then decided to try my hand at the admin role simply because I enjoyed helping people do and understand what I used to do. If I had time, I would write a Windchill for DUMMIES manual that explained things in laymans terms, not in 10 seperate manuals that are 400 pages thick. I have inquired into the training that tech support is provided, and PTC says, "It is not publicly avaiable to the customer". What a load of crap. We are the companies that pay the millions of dollars in development money to keep the product going. I feel like we are being ignored, and all I hear from the rest of the community is well you cant say it like that, or you have to be positive. I have given the better part of 20+ years supporting this company (PTC) and their software, but I am getting to my wits end. Sorry for the rant but I know there are other out there who feel this way and need the same help. Tech support is a joke and getting worse. So who else do we admins have to turn to?

Sincerely frustrated,

Buddy Hudson


Concur, Buddy.

Rant away! You are not alone.

I have been an admin of PTC products, primarily Pro/ENGINEER and it's associated datamanagement tools, since release 5 in the early 90s. The move to Windchill has been overwhelming. As a Windchill Admin, I have taken the System Admin and the Business admin classes. In 6 days of training, I learned about 10% of what I need to know to keep Windchill running.

The cost of ownership for Windchill is enormous!

5-Regular Member

I'm part of the chorus. Com Sci guy in charge of a dozen servers and many clients. Now the boss wants me to "import" 10,000 Pro/E CAD parts/assembly files residing on a flash drive into Windchill. Import, copy, download into Windchill, how easy is that? NOT! Who do I have to bride to teach me the 5 minute process? I can open, save and upload an individual CAD file, but how do I automate it?

23-Emerald IV

From the workspace in the embedded browser you can do an "Import to Workspace".


Things can get quite complicated though if any of those files already exist in Windchill or if any are missing references.

If you have the budget for it

If you have a VAR or PTC contact there might be a non released tool for bulk loading to PDMLink.

Obtain Control with I-Cubed Legend 10™

I-Cubed’s Legend 10 is a multi-CAD bulk loading utility optimized for PTC® Windchill®10. Using it during CAD migrations allows us to validate data quality and usability prior to loading into the target system, improving the data cleansing process and rendering the migration more predictable and efficient. Legend 10 also provides control over the level of data migrated, so that you can choose whether to load the full history of your CAD objects, the latest revisions only, or other options. View the solution overview or contact us for more information.

that's why I took 2 years away from Windchill and now I'm back and asked simple question why PSM sizing calculator (excel file) on PTC site is different from what is avail. to download and is there a simple way to compute PSM size and nothing