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Windchill 10 Eclipse Configuration


Windchill 10 Eclipse Configuration


I have install Windchill 10 with Information modeler in my System but I think I have missed some jar file to configure I am getting compilation error while using the annotaions class and some other class as well can any one please help me to identify which jar files I should configure in my eclipse


try adding following jar(s) to resolve compile error




Hello Yogesh thanks for your reply I added these Jar but error is still there, one more thing I have install Windchill in one drive and Eclipse in other do you think will that be an issue ?

try to add jars from WEB-INF\lib. I have codbase as well and it worked for me.


Windchill installation on different drives is not an issue. You need all jar files (added to build path in eclipse) when running “set classpath” in Windchill shell. You also need access to codebase folder as Ketan mentioned.

Let PDMLink create a eclipse project:

ant -f bin/tools.xml eclipse_project

For more information have a look at the help

ant -f bin/tools.xml

5-Regular Member

Thank You Bjorn.. I will try to add a document on this.


John selvaraj D.

Some customization consultants would appreciate a way to build Windchill extensions on CI build servers that do not have Windchill installed on them. Therefore, it would be great if PTC Customization documentation described which specific jars need to be copied to the build environment so that Annotation Processing can generate and later compile without this error.

I have recently posted guidelines to configure Eclipse with Windchill. Here is the URL for your reference.


I am sure it will help you in configuring Eclipse. Once done, it will configure all required JAR for you.




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