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Windchill with docker ?

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Windchill with docker ?


I would like to know if anybody tried to use Windchill with docker containers?

I saw last year PTC event in Boston that R&D is thinking about it, but did not get any feedback yet.

Today we are using a lot of VM for developers and tests systems.

Painful part with VM is that if I want to be sure that all VM are up2date with OS patches, Oracle patches, Windchill content ... I need to ask all people to checkout the new VM every month.

The idea will be to create docker containers, probably 8, like that :

01-02-2017 15-05-29.png

This will allow me to distribute OS update, Oracle update, new windchill content through Oracle datafiles update easily.

People will just have to update their dependencies and the update will be invisible for them.

Any idea, comment is welcomed.




Re: Windchill with docker ?


I just wish i know how to do it. Is there even a way to install Windchill using terminal only?


Re: Windchill with docker ?

From what i know Windchill does not support silent installation

Re: Windchill with docker ?

Morgan Belais

need some idea/help in breaking up Windchill application in separate parts like you've mentioned.
Say probably 4  [Database , Apache , Flex , ldap].

I could only do it in two in docker.

Re: Windchill with docker ?

You are right, the is no way to install Windchill in silent mode....

PTC, it will be nice to be able to script Windchill installation.

For the moment the workaround is to use the rehost utility from an existing installation. that makes the trick but a silent install will be more clean.

Re: Windchill with docker ?

I'm starting with something simple.

An Oracle image, based on the supported one by Oracle : GitHub - oracle/docker-images: Official source for Docker configurations, images, and examples of Do...

Then one for Windchill. When everything will be running smoothly my idea is to have 1 for Apache, 1 for Java, 1 for PSM, 1 for Cognos.

It's ongoing work.

Not being able to install Windchill silently will add overwork as we need to use rehost utility do to things in a supported way....

Re: Windchill with docker ?

do you have simpler documentation to use rehost utility as a trick to silently installa windchill ?

Re: Windchill with docker ?

I've rehosted a Windchill installation running on Windows Server succesfully at the end of the last year. The best way is to read the comments inside the file, if anything is unclear there, search the terms in the PDF rehost utility guide. I guess that linux just needs all paths to be defined with forward slashes instead of back slashes, but don't know for sure.

Re: Windchill with docker ?

A unix environment such as Linux or Solaris uses X Windows for the display of windows. This means you can easily display application windows on remote displays by simply setting the DISPLAY to your local display or by ssh -X. All that is required is a local Xserver. If you are working locally on a Linux or Solaris workstation then you already have that. If you are on Windows then you need something that provides an Xserver in Windows.

One piece of software that does this is mobaXterm:

MobaXterm free Xserver and tabbed SSH client for Windows

Our Windchill server is running on Solaris and I have local access to both a Solaris workstation and a Windows laptop (with mobaXterm). Installing/updating Windchill works great displaying back to one of those.

Another good option is to fireup a session of Xvnc on the server and then view that locally with vncviewer.

Re: Windchill with docker ?


I'm glad I found this post!

I'm also trying to figure out a solution to this problem and even though my goal is to use Vagrant and Chef I'm hoping that this thread can be of use. Perhaps a good place for us to share progress reports and information as we move forward. I'm going to start with a bunch of questions but hopefully I will be able to repay you with answers of my own in the future.

If I understand you correctly you are using the Rehost Utility as a workaround to counter the fact that the PSI cannot be run silently.

  • How do you do that more specifically?
  • Do you have an automatic process that at some point runt the rehost process or is this something that you do manually?
  • How do you store your images to make them available to others?

Best regards

Daniel Södling


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