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Workflow Notice of Open Instances


Workflow Notice of Open Instances

I have a workflow that I am trying to edit and am getting a notice when I attempt to edit it. I had attempted to execute the workflow and came across an error and had terminated the process and am now trying to edit it and am getting this. Is there any way to force close an instance or a way you can find what instances are open? I am not finding any documents that have been created that would utilize this workflow so I am baffled. The notice I'm getting is:

There are open instances using process template <Workflow>. You cannot make changes to this template unless you first complete of terminate these process instances. You can either terminate all running and suspended instances of this template or save this template under a new name and modify this new template.

Any help you can provide would be great.



This is a major, major gotcha - and one of the primary reasons to never develop workflow templates on your production system. Always develop on test and then export / import to production.

The workflow template was used for a process while checked out. You're stuck until / unless you delete all the workflow process(es) that were started with the template checked out.

Well, it's a good thing I didn't do this on a production server...we have 4 servers, our Sandbox Server (where this occured) where the remote users can work to create new items, our development server where we create all the successful items from the Sandbox, our test server, and then production. We make sure to not screw up big, not to mention it is all corporate controlled so I can't build on the Production server as is.

The problem is there are none of the documents that exist that I can find. I realize I screwed up and started with the template checked out, but I did delete the process to my knowledge, I just can't find the instance this one is talking about. Is there an easy way to find where the instance lies?

Search, Advanced Search - Find: Workflow Process.

Search by the name or date or other that you can think of. Delete the actual workflow process(es).

If this doesn't work, I can provide a query builder report that returns workflow processes created from a specific iteration of the workflow template.

I've performed the searches by date and by name, and have had no luck at all in finding the culprit. If you could provide a query builder report, that would be great.

See below and attached

report results.png

This helped a lot, I think I have found the culprit and we appear to be good to go now. Thanks for your help.


You need to delete the object you created to test the workflow. This error is being returned because the checked out version of the workflow template was used to create the instance for your object. To avoid this issue in the future, be sure to check in the template before creating an instance from it.

Paul Hartwig