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Workflow creation from scratch (Windchill 11)


Workflow creation from scratch (Windchill 11)

I am trying to figure out how to create a new workflow, including all steps needed to make it appear as a selectable choice from the Actions menu. I am not tryign to do anything fancy since I have never done this before - just tryign to start with something simple. Here is what I am trying to do, specifically:

1. Save a copy of the OOTB Problem Report Template (I did this)

2. Alter the OOTB Change Admin I role to one of our own internal roles (I did this)

3. Start using this new version of the Workflow (this is where I am stuck)


Basically, though I have created a new template, let's call it "Problem Report Template 2," I have no understanding of how to launch it throughout Windchill.

 - It does not show up as a Problem Report in the Type and Attribute List.

 - I don't see Problem Report Template 2 anywhere else in Windchill other than the Workflow Template Admin screen

 - Do I need to restart Windchill or something??


I have searched many pages of documentation and forum discussions, and I think the nature of my problem is almost too simple to cover! At least hopefully that is the case. Any help is greatly appreciated!






You need to create the following:

  • A soft type under Problem Report Type for your new Problem Report Type 2
  • A new life cycle template for it
    • This is where you will call out your workflow for when this type is created
  • An OIR for the soft type

These are basic things needed to get to a point where it is usable.  As far as getting it in the Action menu, I cannot help you there.  I do know that how we have our CN process set up, it does not reference the OOTB CN but our own CN processes when you pick the OOTB Action menu item for Create Change Notice.  I would have to go back and dig deeper to figure out what the pick is there to get it to bypass the OOTB workflow.  I know it isn't that difficult, just can't remember off the top of my head.

BrianToussaint  - thank you very much for the reply. You got me started on a good path - I can now select the other Problem Report when I create a new Problem Report (there is now a pull-down menu with 2 types of Problem Reports to choose from), but I am not sure how to link the new Problem Report Workflow to the new Type that I created. As a result, regardless of whether you choose Problem Report or Problem Report 2, you get the same exact workflow. That is, you get the original Problem Report workflow, not Problem Report 2's workflow.  



Is the new Problem report pointing to a new Life Cycle?  The Life Cycle points to which workflow to use.  It would be an advanced Life Cycle.  Then you need to have an OIR that points that soft type to the Life Cycle.


lifecycle example.png

Lots of elements to get your arms around but worth it - core to administering Windchill.

- On creation the system looks for an OIR for the type / sub type.  It first looks in the Product/Library then Org level, then Site.  Many admin's leave Site alone and do all at Org level.


- The OIR assigns a lifecycle template (which also can be at Org or Site).

- The Lifecycle template in turns starts a workflow based on mapping in the LC template as shown below.  Note: Be very sure if any additional workflow templates are assigned by the LC template on other states. Some states automatically pull these in, creating havoc if not intentional.

- The OIR by the way also assigns numbering method, Revisioning (if used) and team.


Be very careful to name LC and other templates at Org level differently from Site.


Thank you for the responses!


Is there any formal documentation of this? The standard documentation online does not seem to capture this level of detail, regarding advanced workflow templates, etc.

22-Sapphire I

There is good documentation of all the individual pieces, along with all the picks and clicks, but not much which really explains end to end.

I keep threatening to write a book about all this stuff. It's kept every one of my brain cells very busy and confused for ~ 15 years 🙂


I will co-author Mike. Only problem is that this stuff go stale very quickly.

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