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Hi all,

As per the documentation, it states that..

We have turned this OFF, (Set as False) for some reason.

This functionality controls the copying forward of Representations to new

iterations of Representables (for example, Windchill Parts, Documents, Dynamic

Documents, and Windchill Document objects). The fundamental principle is that

Copy Forward applies only to out-of-the-box, non-derived Representations.

However, in the case of a Copy or Revise of a Representable, all Representations

(derived and non-derived) will be copied forward out-of-the-box. This behavior

also applies to Representables being checked out to a new context.

Our Requirement:

The representations should be carried forward when performing PDM Checkout to Project and Send to PDM  from the Project.

The representations should not get carried forward when performing a Revise in PDM contexts.

Since we have turned the carry forward OFF, we could not achieve our need, because it appears that for Revise , the Carry forward is HARD SET. Hence we switched off the carry forward, but we lost this functionality for PDM check out / Send to PDM.

It does not make any sense to carry forward the Rep on a Revise...because obviously, the content (and hence the representation) will be modified on a Revise (Popular scenario).

I don't understand why PTC has made this behavior..

Any thoughts on how to address our requirement (without any customization).

Best Regards



May be you can leave this property on.  publish.copyforwardallrepresentationsoncontainerchange. So when you do pdm checkout and share, it is a container change.



Binesh Kumar


Did Binesh's suggestion work for you?


This is all about making sure that user's can continue to open Representations in Creo View while changes are occurring to them in Windchill...without having to send them to the publisher correct? 


Copyreprentationsforward on revise will ensure all the *.0 iteration files after revise get the representation from the previously released version.  Example A.2 release to B.0 in work. We would publish once the user checks in B.1.  (I waste lots of time manually publishing *.0 cad files.) 😞


Copyreprentationsforward on container change will ensure a representation exists when user's checkout objects. (based on the description..we have this one set to True)


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