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Add k-factor on sheet metal to model tree!


Add k-factor on sheet metal to model tree!

in WF5 I would like to see all my models values to verify that they are correct. Any ideas?

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Create an annotation with the appropriate parameter value by making a relation and using that in an annotation note.

You can add parameter values to the model tree. However it would be a big tree horizontally.

Follow the instructions given below.


Select Model tree Columns and select Model Parameters...


to get the tree as below.




Thank you. I should state that I am on WF 5.0 and these options are not available there.


I do not have the ability to add parameters/relations to all the parts.

You can add them to the relations at the top level only if you choose.

You can select subcomponent parameters in the relation dialog.

can you show me an example? I have to review a hundred parts in a large assy. I do not want to have to modify each part.

This should be similar in WF5. I highlighted the critical selections.

You open the parameters dialog from the relations dialog. Once you have navigated to the component parameters (hence the sublevels), you can select the parameter and have it inserted in Relations. It appends the appropriate sublevel component identifier which is :74 in this case. This value updates itself and might change from time to time.


Are you using Wildfire 5? Here is as far as I got. (:1 being the session ID of the assy). Am I missing something here?


I am on Creo 2.0 but the dialog is appearantly the same. Your component seems to have a huge number of parameters and it cannot display all of them.

This gets better every step, huh

I am going to suggest you will need to build a filter using the customize. You should be able to filter for the name=smt_part_bend_allowance_factor which will return only that feature. Contructing this filter will make your overall task much easier.

The way I read the problem: he has many parts in an assembly and would like to display the k-factor in the model tree. The model tree will not show the sheet metal k-factor parameter (smt_k_factor). The model tree will show the value of a parameter that is set equal to the sheet metal k-factor (smt_k_factor) parameter. His models don't have a relation to set that value and don't have a parameter to store that value.

The solution you have looks like it allows a user to create an assembly level parameter and set it equal to a part level parameter, which is different from the original request.

The model tree would be a simpler location than creating all those relations of course.

Since there are a lot of components, indeed this is preferable.

I never had much luck in finding what I need in the model tree when adding columns. Then again, finding them in parameters appears to be just as challenging.

Dang. Original request wasn't specific for a model tree display. I'll stick with my earlier response to Dave Fischer about using Info Model.

sorry, I had put it in title.

So you did - long day. If you can get the relation into you template models, that will fix it for future parts. Otherwise, adding via mapkey/script is what Id be looking to do. For something like this AutoIT would be my go to software, but there are others, such as VBA, to generate a trail/training file based on a list of parts.

I think you have no choice but to visit each part to verify the k-factor.

As far as the model change, itshould not be too painful if you create a mapkey to create the required relation.

You can also view the information using "Info/Model" on each part. If this is an ongoing need, then a script to dump the Info/Model information and a macro to extract the data from the .inf files is worth considering.

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