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BOM Balloon : Different part same BOM balloon


BOM Balloon : Different part same BOM balloon

I am currently facing a problem.


I have 2 parts in Windchill; Let us consider them to be B & C

They both are just variants of A ( E.g: diff colours)


They both are present in the assembly model tree.


I want to represent both B & C as A in the BOM.

i.e. I wish to rename them as A and update the BOM qty to 2.

I can rename them using relations but they wil not merge as one in the BOM table with qty 2.


This is causing problems since I want both of them to be represented using BOM balloons in the drawing and both need to have same BOM no & only one entry in the BOM table with total qty.



My current slolution:

Rename B to A & update qty to 2 using relations.

Then filter C out of BOM.

In the drawing I will get one balloon for B ( Currently renamed as A)

and then I use a symbol BOM balloon for C indicating it is also A


The problem with my current solution is the balloon for C is not parametric

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21-Topaz I

You need to use a parameter that is independent of component name and set the BOM to index based on that independent parameter. All parts with the same parameter will share the same index number and should allow sharing balloons. It isn't a usual thing to do, so I have not tried, but that is how the BOM index is managed so it should work.

You may want to look at the Exists() function in the BOM relations section so that the parameter doesn't need to be added to all the parts.


Hey Nashnir,

Try with the user defined params on part level, but I doubt you can merge items in a repeat region like you describe. It's still worth a shot.

So, you will propably have to utilize your current solution, and use 2nd repeat region table that you can place outside of drawing borders, for your balloon pointing on part "C" to be parametric.