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BOM Table - Friday Softball Question


BOM Table - Friday Softball Question

Crea/Pro 5.0


I apoogize in advance, since I know this has been discussed before, but for some reason I am still struggling on getting this to work out for me. I have a an assembly drawing that has individual componentsand sub assemblies. I want the BOM table to show only the components and sub-assembly name with out all of the components that are in the sub assembly.

If I go to REPEAT REGION -> ATTRIBUTES -> RECURSIVE --- I get all of the components and all of the sub assembly components

If I go to REPEAT REGION -> ATTRIBUTES -> FLAT --- I only get the components,,, all sub assemblies are missing and components of the sub assemblies are missing.

I can "cheat" and individually filter out a bunch of the small parts in the sub assembly to make the table into a managable size, but it still will not show the sub assembly name.

So Gurus, what option am I missing?

Thank you,


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I think what you need to do is apply the FLAT feature to each individual sub-assembly that you do not want to show it's components and not to the top level assy.

Good Luck,
Mark A. Peterson
Design Engineer
Varel International

James, I attached a table, obviously your parameters will be different than mine.
Maybe something will get you on the right track.
Below are the settings, Table Attributes, select the table, and set as shown.
Mine has always worked the way I understand you to be looking for.
Basically you should see everything, parts & assemblies, shown in the model tree/first level.


Walt Weiss


Thank you. However I am still confused, but that is OK. The top table shown is my Flat table with the exact attributes you show, and below is my BOM with the table you provided. Your table works like I want/should.