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CNC Machining within Creo 2.0


CNC Machining within Creo 2.0

Hi all,

Used Creo purely for 3D modelling and 2D drawing for years now, but have been asked to investigate the use of Cad/Cam for our facility.  Looked around on the website and found the extension called PTC Creo Complete Machining Extension, but then tried within Creo itself to produce a Manufacturing model, by starting a new part and selecting Manufacturing from the type menu and Expert Machinist from the sub-type, which led me into a type of NC wizard.  What functionality for cad/cam does Creo 2.0 give me, or does it tempt you in and then get you to purchase an add on like Complete Machining.

Thanks in advance


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Anything for free would just be a teaser.  Your options are outlined in the attached.

The basic breakdown is:

5 axis positioning for milling:

PTC Creo Prismatic and Multi-Surface Milling Extension

Above plus 4 axis lathe and 4 axis EDM:

PTC Creo Production Machining Extension

All above plus Synchronized 5 axis

PTC Creo Complete Machining Extension


Thanks Bill

I already have that pdf, but thanks for sending anyways.  I was just wondering what the capabilities were with the manufacturing options built into Creo 2.0


5-Regular Member

I would not recommend the Creo Machining unless that CNC machine you have is in the list of supported post processors the give out for free.

I asked for a post processor for a very simple and common CNC Router and the price for them to produce the post processor was several thousands of dollars.


23-Emerald II

Does PTC have a generic post-builder program that they use to build the custom posts with? You should be able to build your own posts with that.

I have used the NC-Austin one (back when it was still UCC) and it worked good, once you understand what the machine tool is looking for.

I have also used the NX post builder which they introduced at UG2 V18, the release prior to the NX rename. It was written in TCL and you could add custom cammnads very easily if they didn't have the routines built in.

All CREO manufacturing packages included the G-Post post processor development tools.  What Ben is talking about is what we call the Option File Generator and it will allow you to build any type of post you need.  There is also a language based part of the post called FIL that can be used to do advanced thing, similar to TCL.

If you have a "simple and common" router you should be able to generate a post for it using this tool.  If not then be prepared to spend $1K per axis. 


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