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Cannot create dump file on Intralink 3.4


Cannot create dump file on Intralink 3.4

We had a dump file script that worked for awhile, but it has seemed to quit working. I tried to create a dump file manually, but it will not allow me to. It gives me an error that I have never seem before. I have attached the error that I receive.

We are using Windows 2003 server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did your ORACLE_HOME environment variable value change? It seems to be choking on that while attempting to execute the export script. I would check this variable and make sure it is still set correctly. This error usually occurs when the ORACLE_HOME variable is not pointing to the right oracle location.


Alexius C. Chukwuka
Infrastructure Analyst
JDPS Division SAP BASIS Team
John Deere Power Systems

We have two sets of licenses: Flexible Engineering and Foundation
Advantage. I've been asked to create a list of our 50 or so
workstations and what the order each station is pulling these license.
We have two builds that we install depending on the "management
direction" for the specific workstation per the assigned user. Some
users only do detail work so they typically get the build that pulls the
Foundation Advantage licenses first. Others do more involved work, and
they get the build that pulls the Flexible Engineering license first.

We can access each workstation's hard drive remotely, so IF there was a
"file" in the Wildfire program directories that contains the setup
"ORDER of license use" information, we could create the requested list
WITHOUT having to visit each and every workstation and run the
PTCSETUP.EXE and look for this information directly, as shown below.
One would THINK that this information must be written/filed away
somewhere in the program files, but where????

Anyone have any clues, comments, suggestions?


Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV, Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI., 48326


Here is a suggestion.

I run a script that will launch the correct license based on the current
user. I am able to control exactly who get's what license and prevent my
users from pulling the incorrect license.

When you setup Pro/E, you can create more than one launch group that
contains the license package of your choosing. Each license group will
generate a .PSF file that tells Pro/E what to do when proe.exe is
launched. My script simply tells Proe/E what .PSF file to run depending
on the current user, so I always have control of what people are using.

This is not answering your question, but I wanted to mention that you can
control exactly who get's what.

What is the purpose of knowing who is getting which license? If it's
because some users are pulling the wrong ones, you can control this buy a
little automation and a simple script that does it all for you.

Not sure if this is something you would be interested in, but I will be
more than happy in sharing the exact script file I have and how to set
this up. I run Pro/E from a Network install which allows me to upgrade
builds very easily. I simply edit the script to point at the latest
installation and it does the rest. If I ever had to go back to a previous
build, I simply modify the script in 10 seconds and all my users are back
on the previous version.

This process allows me to update or upgrade Pro/E without disturbing all
the users and only installing it once. The script allows me full control
of what license each user is pulling up based on their username.


Damián Castillo
CAD & Administration Manager
Engineering Department
Hensley Industries

There is another centralize way to handle this... Limit some of the licenses to specific users.

In the licensing folder inside flexlm is the ptc.opt file where you can create a group of people that are the only ones allowed access to a specific license.

First off in the ptc.opt file you want to create a group, give it a name, and a list of users.
Then you want to reserve the Feature Name for that Group.

What I've done is reserve the Flex3C licenses for one group of users and limit all other users to Foundation licenses. You could create two groups one for foundation, and one for the advanced license.

An example ptc.opt file:
REPORTLOG +"C:\Ptc\flexlm\licensing\ptcreport.log"
GROUP designers dhaigh dgilbert yfluehr
RESERVE 3 PROE_Flex3C:VERSION=31.0 GROUP designers

This options file in the 2nd line sets the timeout for ProE to 20 minutes, (the minimum)
The 3rd line creates a group named designers, and adds three users to that group
The 4th line reserves 3 licenses of the feature name:version for the group designers. That information comes from the license file. Compare the colored text in the file above with an example of the license file below.

Sample of license file
#################### FLOATING License ####################
# Serviceable = Pro/ENGINEER Enterprise SE (formerly Flex3C)
# Feature Name = PROE_Flex3C
# Feature Version = 31.0
# Number of Copies = 13

There are other things you can do with the ptc.opt file
* You can use the options file to limit users to running one copy of ProE at a time.
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