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Centerline Style - Creo Drawing


Centerline Style - Creo Drawing

How do I control the Hole Centerline style in a Creo 2.0 drawing? 

The extents of the Centerlines project at least 5 times further than the diameter of the hole! 

Thanks! 5-30-2017 12-26-19 PM.jpg

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It should be in the same place where you would control the default offset of your dimension witness lines... which I can't find either.. 


Hello Dan ONeill

let´s try to add in your *.DTL file following configs:

A) axis_line_offset --- default value 0,1

B) circle_axis_offset --- default value 0,1


One of this configs should help.

See attached list of *.DTL file configs. Description is in czech language, but configs itself are english and sometimes it can help.


Milan Bonka

Thank you for your help!

I ended up going thru:

     FILE... Prepare... Drawing Properties... Detail Options...

I found the properties you pointed out... but it took a lot of trial & error to finally come up with what I wanted.

I settled on:

     axis_interior_clipping     no

     axis_line_offset             -1.0

     circle_axis_offset           0.5

One other thing... It looks like once you drag the end of the axis there is no way to get it to reset back to the default.

You just have to drag it back...

Thanks again for the help.


The same situation here.

It´s about testing...

Can´t give you better advice...

Many thanks for your instruction.



This works when the axes and the perforations are created directly in the piece. But if the axles are taken from another piece in an assembly and the perforations are made their axes continue to appear small. And if you modify its length with the options you mention the drill shafts that are well become larger having to be modified their size also manually, so those options only alter the axes when they are shown well, but if some holes appear Smaller and others appear well it is not possible to solve it with these options and the axes must be modified manually. In my case I have too many holes so this task is very tedious and the same thing happens in a lot of pieces. Keep in mind that in the same drawing view the axes appear in the perforations well up to the perimeter of the circumference and in others it appears small in the center.


I hope you can help me with this. When working with Pro E 4 and 5 the axes were displayed with just selectl show / hide reference, but now this is not possible. Thank you very much in advance.



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